Wyrd and Wonder! Announcement and TBR!

Hello people! Is May again and we all know what it means, right? Right??!! But obviously, it is Wyrd and Wonder month!!! Aren't you excited about it?????? As you can see from the abundance of question and exclamation marks here I really am! And come on! An entire month to celebrate all things fantasy???? How can you … Continue reading Wyrd and Wonder! Announcement and TBR!

Not Even Bones – where YA goes dark.

Hello people! How are you? My health has high and low in this period and so I spent my time cuddled on the couch watching Netflix and K-dramas. There are worst ways to spend your time, that's true, but I missed my blog so much!!!! The point is that my energies were sooooo low. But … Continue reading Not Even Bones – where YA goes dark.

Series Maniac! #1

Hello people! How are you? And how are your reading going? I'm taking part in a wonderful event dedicated to fantasy, Wyrd and Wonder, and so I have decided to try this new thing: I would write some post to talk about the series that I'm following, or that I want to start, or that I … Continue reading Series Maniac! #1

Wyrd and Wonder

Hello everyone! Today I'm here with a quick post, because yesterday I found a brilliant and fantastic event hosted by Bethan May Books (my bad, sorry! But check out her blog anyway!), Over the Effing Rainbow, Jorie Loves a Story,  and One More. This would be a month-long celebration of the fantastic, and obviously, I couldn't miss it... I mean, fantasy!!!! Most … Continue reading Wyrd and Wonder