Hello everyone and happy Monday! I hope that you had a beautiful Christmas and are still relaxing and enjoying yourself. This year I and my boyfriend didn't have the best of luck with our working schedule, but we managed to celebrate all the same, even if it was a tad rushed! I hope we would … Continue reading WEEKLY WRAP-UP! #26


Hello everyone! I am still alive (yay!), and I am back (again!). The cold I caught at the end of the month was pretty bad, and even if I wasn't really suffering, I wasn't really feeling so well either. I was always tired and not in the right frame of mind. It took its sweet … Continue reading NOVEMBER WRAP-UP!


Hello everybody! I went on another unplanned hiatus but I am back! I also courted a reading slump, and even if I am not really in the clear it seems it was a small thing and I am still reading so, even if the mood is strange and not stable (reading-wise), I am back and … Continue reading JUNE WRAP-UP!