Hello people! I hope you are having a great Summer and reading some fantastic books! I am not really back 100%, but I am back at least for a bit. I think I wasn't really projected for hot weather. It does not suit me, and since recently the weather is not what it used to … Continue reading JULY WRAP-UP!


Hello everybody! I went on another unplanned hiatus but I am back! I also courted a reading slump, and even if I am not really in the clear it seems it was a small thing and I am still reading so, even if the mood is strange and not stable (reading-wise), I am back and … Continue reading JUNE WRAP-UP!


Hello people! It seems like my hiatus has finally ended! And it also seems that I always need a break around May and November, which are, blogging-wise, my most awaited months! We have Wyrd and Wonder in May and Sci-Fi Month in November, and I am always so full of enthusiasm for them both, because … Continue reading MAY WRAP-UP!