Lists, lists, lists!

Fantasy List from Booknest (here you can find more about it)

Best Traditionally Published

  1. A gathering of Ravens by S. O. Oden
  2. The Red Knight by M. Cameron
  3. Age of Assassins by RJ Barker Blood of Assassins
  4. Age of Myth by M. J. Sullivan
  5. The shadows of what was lost by J. Islington
  6. Assassin’s Fate by Robin Hobb
  7. Bane and Shadow by Jon Skovron
  8. Blackwing by Ed McDonald
  9. A promise of fire by A, Bouchet
  10. Darien by C.F. Iggulden
  11. Every Heart a Doorwayby S. McGuire In An Absent Dream
  12. Fool’s Gold by J Hollins
  13. Skyborn by D. Dalglish
  14. First Watch by D. Lucas
  15. Gilded Cage by V. James
  16. Godblind by A. Stephens Darksoul
  17. Untitled by J. Kristoff (Nevernight #3)
  18. Kings of the Wyldby N. Eames Bloody Rose
  19. Princess of Blood by T. Lloyd
  20. Red Sister by M. Lawrence
  21. Reincarnation Blues by Michael Poore (I don’t know about this one, but I’m not ready to dismiss it completely, yet)
  22. Scorn by Paul Hoffman
  23. Sins of Empire by B. McClellan
  24. Skullsworn by Brian Staveley
  25. Swarm and Steel by M. R. Fletcher DNF
  26. The Tiger and The Wolf by A. Tchaikovsky
  27. The Black Prism by B. Weeks
  28. The Daylight War by P. V. Brett
  29. The Court of Broken Knives by A. Smith Spark
  30. The Dragon’s Legacy by Deborah A Wolf
  31. The House of Shattered Wings by A. De Bodard
  32. Baptism of Fire by A. Sapkowski
  33. The Waking Fire by A. Ryan
  34. The Ninth Rain by J. Williams The Bitter Twins
  35. The Six-Gun Tarot by R.S: Belcher
  36. The Vagrant by P. Newman
  37. The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin
  38. The Judging Eye by R.S. Bakker
  39. The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu
  40. The Witchwood Crown by Tad Williams
  41. Traitor’s Blade by S. de Castell Tyrant’s Throne
  42. Twelve Kings in Sharakhai by B. P. Beaulieu
  43. Malice by J. Gwynne

Best Self-Published Novel

  1. Nice Dragons Finish Last by R. Aaron One Good Dragon Deserves Another
  2. A Keeper’s Tale by J.A. Andrews
  3. Akiri: Dragonbane by B. D Anderson
  4. Darkmage by M.L. Spencer
  5. Benjamin Ashwood by A.C. Cobble
  6. The Long Way Down by C. Schaefer
  7. Faithless by G. Austin-King
  8. Touch of Iron by T. Whitecastle
  9. Revenant Winds by Mitchell Hogan
  10. Sufficiently Advanced Magic by A. Rowe
  11. The Crimson Queen by A. Hutson
  12. The Exercise of Vital Powers by I. Gregoire
  13. Where Loyalties Lie R. Hayes
  14. The Heart of Stone by B. Galley
  15. Beyond Redemption by R.M. Fletcher
  16. The White Tower by M. Wisehart
  17. The Reborn King by M. R. Miller
  18. They Mostly Come Out At Night by B. Patrick DNF

Best Debut Novel

  1. Dreadnought by A. Daniels
  2. Frostblood by E. Blake
  3. Rotherweird by A. Caldecott
  4. Soul of the World by D. Mealing
  5. The Bear And The Nightingale by K. Arden
  6. The Black Tides of Heaven by J. Yang
  7. The Shadow Crucible by T.M. Lakomy

My Adds to this lists

  1. Sworn in Steel by D. Hulick
  2. Red Seas Under Red Skiesby S. Lynch The Republic of Thieves
  3. Rise of Empire di M. J. Sullivan
  4. The Liar’s Keyby M. Lawrence The Wheel of Osheim
  5. The Alloy of Law by B. Sanderson
  6. The Holy Roadby G. Hale Broken Fortress
  7. The Prophecy Conby P. Weeks The Paladin Caper
  8. The Bone Palace by A. Downum
  9. Queen of Fire by A. Ryan
  10. Tricked by K. Hearne
  11. Traitor of the Throne by A. Hamilton
  12. Crooked Kingdomn by L. Bardugo
  13. Words of Radiance by B. Sanderson
  14. Marked in Flesh by A. Bishop
  15. The Blade Itself by J. Abercormbie

Completed: 13/83
On going: 

List of E-books that I am not sure I want to read anymore!

  1. Tash Hearts Tolstoy by K. Ormsbee
  2. Modelland by Tyra Banks
  3. Crazy Rich Asians by K. Kwan
  4. Fat Girl on a Plane by K. deVos
  5. A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews
  6. Vengeance Road by E. Bowman
  7. Tutta la Pioggia dal Cielo by A.C. Ryan
  8. Sincerely, Carter by W.G.
  9. The Sin Eater’s Daughter by M. Salisbury
  10. The Ronin and the Fox by C. Grey
  11. Rose Petal Graves by O. Wildenstein
  12. My Lady Jane by C. Hand
  13. Paper Princess by E. Watt
  14. Lost Gods by M. Yongo
  15. Gilded Cages by V. James
  16. Holding Up The Universe by J. Niven
  17. Feline by S. Bianca
  18. Caraval by S. Garber
  19. The Bear and The Nightingale by K. Arden
  20. And I darken by K. White
  21. Of Mist and Beauty 
  22. Prince of Wolves by Q. Loftis
  23. Flunked 
  24. Cursed
  25. Our Lady of the Ice by C.R. Clarke
  26. Steal the Light by L. Blake
  27. Birthmarked by C.M. O’ Brien
  28. Anatomy of a Misfit by A. Portes
  29. The Academy
  30. Adorkable by S. Manning
  31. Mark of the Deamon by D. Rowland
  32. The 19th Bladesman by S.J. Hartland
  33. Dread Nation by J. Ireland
  34. Pestilence by L. Thalassa
  35. Bad Blood by L.A. Banks DNF
  36. Thrutwitch by S. Dennard
  37. For A Muse of Fire by H. Heilig
  38. Widdershins by J. L. Hawk
  39. Buonanotte Amore Mio by D. Volontè
  40. The Reader by T. Chee
  41. Non è la Fine del Mondo by A. Gazzola
  42. The Hive by B. Liga
  43. Wicked Fox by K. Cho
  44. The Beautiful by R. Ahdieh

Read: 1/44

List of E-books I hope to read before the end of 2021!

  1. Violent Ends by S.D. Hutchinson
  2. The Wicker King by K. Ancrum
  3. Starless by J. Carey
  4. If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio
  5. Educated by T. Westover
  6. Where Silence Gathers by K. Sutton
  7. Bring Me Their Hearts by S. Wolf
  8. The Last Black Unicorn by T. Haddish
  9. a book by Geil Carriger
  10. Scacchi Matti
  11. The Gods of Men by B. Kloss
  12. Unraveling Oliver by L. Nuget
  13. The Girl on the Train by P. Hawkins
  14. The Endless Dark
  15. Shadowdance by D. Dalglish book 1 / book 2 / book 3
  16. Sebastian by A. Bishop
  17. The Rosie Effect by G. Simsion
  18. Shadow Rites by F. Hunter
  19. Montmorency by E. Updale
  20. La ragazza dei fiordalisi by S. Ahrnstedt
  21. La ladra di Cagliostro 
  22. Lord of the White Hell by G. Hale
  23. I, Ripper by S. Hunter
  24. Kinslayer by J. Kristoff
  25. Finnikin on the Rock by M. Marchetta
  26. The Dirth on the Ninth Grave by D. Jones
  27. Blood Games by C. Neill
  28. The Dire King by W. Ritter
  29. Crown Thief by D. Tallerman
  30. Black Ice by A. Stuart
  31. Alice by C. Henry
  32. The Vagrant by P. Newman
  33. Tricked y K. Hearne
  34. Witch Hunt by S.M. Reine
  35. The Shadow Revolution by C. Griffith
  36. The Iron Wyrm Affair by L. Saint Crow
  37. The Glass God by K. Griffin
  38. One More Bite by J. Rardin
  39. Mark of the Thief by J. A. Nielsen
  40. Magic Mourns by I. Andrews
  41. Life in Outer Space by M. Keil
  42. The Monstrumologist by R. Yancey
  43. Kill Me Softly by S. Cross
  44. Forbidden Blood by K. Painter
  45. Oh My God by T.L. Childs
  46. Crane by S. Rourke
  47. Blood Rights by K. Painter
  48. Black Night by C. Henry
  49. The Clockwork dagger by B. Catho
  50.  One book By Amelie Nothomb
  51. Tamed by E. Chase
  52. The Bone Palace by A. Downum
  53. Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs
  54. Black Magic Sanction by K. Harrison
  55. The Sudden Appearance of Hope by C. North
  56. Beneath the Sugar Sky by S. McGuire
  57. How the White Trash Zombie  by D. Rowland
  58. Our Dark Duet by V. Schwab
  59. Never-Contented Things by S. Porter
  60. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by B. Chambers
  61. Smoke Eaters by S- Grigsby
  62. The Paladin Carper by P. Weeks
  63. Orconomics by J.Z. Pike
  64. The Fifth Ward by D. Lucas
  65. Cinnamon and Gunpowder by E. Brown
  66. Fall by K. Callihan
  67. The Trial of Lizzie Borden by C. Robertson
  68. Sorcery of Thorns by M. Rogerson
  69. You by C. Kepnes
  70. Heores at Risk by M. J. Moore
  71. Rust & Stardust by T. Greenwood
  72. Polar Rising by J. Mihalik
  73. Serpent & Dove by S. Mahurin
  74. This Mortal Coil by E. Suvada
  75. Fire Touched by P. Briggs
  76. Dark Matter by B. Crouch
  77. The Kiss Quotient by H. Hoang
  78. a book written by C. Rava
  79. Souvenir
  80. Il destino dell’orso
  81. Never Die by R.J. Hayes
  82. Dangerous Curves Ahead by S. Jamison
  83. There Will Come A Darkness by K.R. Pool
  84. The Best Laid Plans by K.T. Davies
  85. My Lady’s Choosing by K. Curran
  86. Gideon The Ninth by T. Muir
  87. A Bad Day for Sunshine by D. Jones
  88. Deviat3 by J. Kristoff
  89. A Fine Dark Line by J.R. Lansdale
  90. A Song for a New Day
  91. a book by C. Cochet
  92. To Be Taught if Fortunate by B. Chambers
  93. Foundryside by R.J. Bennett
  94. An Easy Death by C. Harriss
  95. Scorched 
  96. The Devil’s Apprentice by K.B. Andersen
  97. Red Glove by H. Black
  98. Wicked As They Come by D.S. Dawson
  99. Undead & Unpopular by M. Davidson
  100. Twelve Kings in Sharakai by B.P. Beaulieu

Read: 30/100