Hello people! I can’t believe it, but I am finally here with this long-overdue post! Anyway, today I am here to try and take stock of the series I am following and to see how I did last year. The Great Series Read Project is an idea of Realms of My Mind, and since I have started with it, even with my personal spin on it, it really helped me be more constant with the bane and bliss of my existence (AKA series!!).
Sooner or later I should also find the time to update the page on the blog dedicated to the series I am following, but for now, I am trying to see what I should prioritize! It may be a sort of plan of attack, and I really hope to stick to it through the year!

Disclaimer: It is more a post for myself, to remind me of all the great series I am following (and even if this is really an ambitious post, there aren’t listed all the series I have started, sigh!) and to hope that the visual reminder would help me stay more on track. It is all good and wonderful to go and start new series, but maybe… I could also continue the one I have started!!!!!

Let’s start with a look back. This year I have finished a lot of series, I am really proud of myself! In total, I have finished 12 of them, and I have reached the last published volume in 5 of them. Not bad at all!! I have also dropped 4 series, and continued quite a lot of them. I was not so good at starting new ones, since I have started 21 new series that I want to continue and 4 that I am still undecided about.

Series I have finished!

It’s so beautiful to have them all portrayed like this! And I really hope to finish a lot more in this new year. I am keeping my fingers crossed, but at least I know I am having a good start with it, since in January I finished a series that I loved, and I have read the last published volume for another one. Not a bad start at all!!

Series I really Really Want To Continue!

And now it’s time to look forward and see which series I want to prioritize this year! Some of them are the usual suspects, like Chronicles of Elantra and The Vorkosigan because they are long series and even if I read some books from them in 2022 I have not finished them, so obviously here they are because I love them, and some of them are series I wanted to continue/finish last year but didn’t manage to so… here they are again! And some of them are series I have started this year so… let’s see!

I am feeling a tad overwhelmed just looking at them, and these are only the one I’d wish to prioritize, not all the series I am following. And yes, I am aware I have a problem but… I am also quite happy with it. And I should also talk about series that I want to start but… maybe in another post, because I think this one is long enough as it is!

And what about you? Are you drowning in series as much as me? Or are you way better? And have you read some of series I mentioned in there?? Let me know!!!

Happy reading!


  1. pagesandtea says:

    Every time I see a Powder Mage book mentioned it makes me remember how much I enjoyed that series.
    The Bone Ships is a series that I would like to try at some point.
    Hope you enjoy all these 😀


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