Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your week was a good one, and that you are relaxing and having a good time! This week was pretty good to me, I managed to read a lot, and what’s even more important is that I have read a lot of good books, yay! And work was pretty good… at the beginning of the month it was tiring, but this week was more relaxed, at least in some ways, and I needed it so much! Anyway, let’s proceed with the recap of the week!

What am I reading?

I can’t believe I am finally reading a Django Wexler’s book! Ashes of the Sun is quite a chunky book, so at the moment I am reading only this and nothing else, and I am enjoying it but… I was expecting something more. It’s not bad, I am not saying that, and it’s highly possible that by continuing with the reading I would become more invested in it, but at the moment it’s not as good as I was hoping. (But again, I am still enjoying it!)

What have I read?

World Running Down is an amazing book! It’s the sweetest thing ever, and it is so wholesome! We need more books like this one, and it should be a recommended read in school because the trans representation here is so good! And it’s not the only good thing. This book deserves some serious hype and love! And Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia Of Faeries is as charming and delightful as everybody is saying, really! And then we have an Italian mystery, and this was a disturbing book because the story is so beautiful! And so ugly! And we have really well-balanced levity and ugliness, but this balance is what makes the book unsettling. It is really hard to explain, so sorry if I am confusing you. But it’s a book that I am happy to have read!

What Would I Read?

Since at the moment I am reading a chunky book (and I have already read a couple of them in January) I think I would orient myself toward something shorter, like And Put Away Childish Things, since I got approved for that ARC and I am dying to see how this book would be, and toward something less demanding, and here I am thinking about Loveless. I read some really interesting thing about this one, and I am really excited to read it!

Blogging and Personal Life

On the blogging side, I have so many plans that I can’t really say which one of them would take priority. I have to continue with the posts for the end of the year/beginning of the year, because I have still to share some of the best books I have read in 2022, and I should also make a recap for the Blame It On The Community meme and for the Great Series Read Project, so yeah I have still some posts to write. But I should also be writing reviews for the SPSFC books (the last day of January is nearing, and it marks the end of phase one of the contest. All the groups should nominate their quarterfinalist and I am so excited!!) and for World Running Down and Emily Wilde’s because they are ARCs and because they deserve some space e some visibility and a lot of love! So… I would only write three posts, if all things go as planned and nothing happen, for the week, but… I don’t know where to start! Sure, there is no rush, when I get them done I can post them, and it’s not like this is the only week in the year, but I am a tad overwhelmed by all the choices!

On a personal level, things were more relaxed this week, and I had a lot of time for reading (yay!), but this apart there is nothing noteworthy. But… no news is good news, right?

And what about you? How was your week? Let me know!

Happy reading!


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