Hello everyone! Finally, I am here to share with you all the best books I read last year, and I am so excited! I read a ton of amazing books, and I have to share the love, simply as that. Since they are a lot, I’ll divide them into different categories, and I’ll write more than one post, just to keep things under control and not write a never-ending post.
And this year I have a favorite above all favorites, so for once there would be the category “best book of the year”. It’s unique!

The Best Book Of The Year!

I read a lot of amazingly good books this year, but there was one that conquered a little piece of my heart, more than the others (and some of the contenders were just so good!) and I am talking about In The Shadow Of Lightning! I loved this book so much! I loved the characters, I loved the story and I need more. I really hope for the sequel to come out soon, because I NEED IT!

The Best Out Of My Comfort Zone!

Fresh Water For Flowers was recommended to me (the full story is that I have a friend who loves to read, too, but we have opposite tastes. What I love, she hates. What she loves, I hate… And she loved this book and talked with some other people about it, but all the people she found that have read this book liked it! And she wanted to talk to someone that didn’t like this book, so she asked if I have read it. I never heard of that book before her mentioning it to me, so I checked that out, and I decided to try and see how things would go. Obviously, when I started it I was a tad skeptical maybe, but I started it because it sounded interesting, I didn’t start it expecting to not enjoy it, and… for the first time we both loved the same book!) and it sounded interesting, sure, but I didn’t expect to love it so much. It is painful, but it is also full of hope, and it is so well written, and it is such an amazing book all around! I wouldn’t have reached for it without a push, but now I am glad to have read it!

Best Series Enders!

Another unique thing, or so I think, is that in this category we have not one, but two! YA. I am not the biggest fan of them, most of the time I think that I am outgrowing them and I simply don’t have enough patience, but from time to time there are some gems that I love so much, and I have to share them with you all! Necromancing the Stone is the last in a duology that deserves so much more love and hype because it is simply brilliant! And The Final Gambit is also the only non-fantasy book of this bunch, and it was a really addictive book and a great conclusion for a really captivating series! Priest Of Crowns is maybe the least favorite in the series, to be honest, but I loved it all the same, and it was a great conclusion for this amazing series. And The Hourglass Throne… oh my, this book… this series! These characters! You need them in your life, so go and read this series, if you haven’t done that yet! It is gold.

Best Non-Fiction!

Entangled Life is a book about fungi, and it was fascinating. And there is so much to study about them! It is maybe strange, a book about fungi, especially because I wasn’t really interested in this topic per se, I just thought that the book sounded interesting and it was written in a smooth and not-academic style, but it was the best non-fiction I have read last year! And if you are even only marginally interested, I highly recommend this one!

Best Collection!

Well, A Blink Of The Screen is a Terry Pratchett book, so there is no need to add more here!

Best Re-Reading!

I started this trilogy/series by Anne Bishop ages ago, and I was fascinated by her characters and her world, but then I never continued with the third book, because there was always some new shiny book to distract me, and so years passed. Since I was interested in reading this series, I decided to re-read the first two books (because I didn’t remember a thing, storywise) and I loved them more than the first time around! They are a thing of beauty, and they are painful but so beautiful, with amazing characters and a fascinating world-building. I have yet to read the third one, but these two were amazing! And then since I finished the sub-series of The City Watch, I decided to continue my Discworld reading with The Witches sub-series, and so back I went and I re-read the first two books. I enjoyed both of them but Equal Rites was the one that I really loved!

Best Short Story!

This is highly unusual for me, but I have read two books by this author and one short story, A Drink Before We Die. And even if I can see why the books are good, they weren’t really my cup of tea. It’s not that I hated them, but I wasn’t really happy with them either (even if they have some really notable things in them), while I loved this short story. And so I have to go and see if the series is as good as this short prequel.

Best manga/graphic novels!

I am not a big graphic novels/comics/manga reader, but from time to time I like to read them, and as usual, during Christmas time I went back to the Black Butler series. This is one of my favorite series ever, and I read the three volumes you see here, the numbers 20, 21, and 22. And I loved them! So much!

And that’s all for today! To know more about my best reading, and to find another post full of amazing books you’ll have to wait till next week!

And what about you? Wich were your favorite books? And what do you think about the books I mentioned here?? Let me know!!

Happy reading!


7 thoughts on “BEST BOOKS OF 2022- PART 1

  1. mervih says:

    It’s great that you started a book you though you’d hate but ended up loving it. I haven’t read any of these, but they looks tempting.


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