Hello everyone! I am still alive (yay!), and I am back (again!). The cold I caught at the end of the month was pretty bad, and even if I wasn’t really suffering, I wasn’t really feeling so well either. I was always tired and not in the right frame of mind. It took its sweet time but away it went, but it was a really busy period at work, so I kept procrastinating all things because I simply hadn’t the time and now… I am finally back. I am also in a reading slump but… all can’t be perfect, right?
Anyway, November was a pretty good month for my reading, if for little else, so let’s start with the recap!

Books Read: 14 + 2 DNF
Physical books Vs ebooks: 1 vs 15
ARCs: 3

The Amazing Ones!

These three were my favorite books of the month, and yes, I had three of them. I told you it was a good month for my reading! Necromancing the Stone is the second and last book in this YA series and it is just too good to be true. It is fun (so much fun!), and full of action and amazing characters that you have to love. I don’t really know why this series is not so hyped, but it should be! It is a blast! Then we have Ancillary Sword, the second book in this trilogy, and it was such a captivating reading! I loved the first one, and I feared that this one would have not been as good as that one. You know what? I was right because this was even better! And, last but no least, we have the one that I knew would have been a favorite: The Crimson Campaign. This book is just so good! And I hope to read the third one pretty soon, too. I just love this series so much!

The Really Really Good Ones!

The Sins We Seek is the last book in this trilogy and, to be honest, is the least favorite in the series (but I can’t really say if it was really so or if it was because my reading slump was appearing!). But even so, it was an amazing book, and I can’t recommend this series enough! You have to read it. Trust me. You need more Allegra in your life, and you need to meet Lex and Dodd, and Stanton, and Rupert and Walter and… all of them! The Final Gambit is, again, the last book in this trilogy and I had an amazing time reading it! I couldn’t put it down, and finally, finally!!!, we get the answers! Also, this is another YA series… just saying, since I am not really their biggest fan, and yet… we have two YA series between the best books of the month! Ocean’s Echo was sweet, intriguing, fast-paced, and captivating! I loved it and I had an amazing time with it! Soul Taken is the last published volume, at the moment, in the Mercy Thompson series and it is always good to be back! And then we have The Sin In The Steel. This book is a sort of Sherlock meet Amra Thetys, but make it bloodier, please. It goes without saying that I loved it!

The Really Good Ones!

For both of these books, I can say pretty much the same thing: I was hoping to fall in love with them, and I didn’t really fall. It is not that I did not enjoy them, they were pretty good and solid, with a lot going on and with some interesting characters, but… I was hoping for more, and I know that in both cases my expectations were my worst enemy. And yet both Ninefox Gambit and Leviathan Wake were compelling and interesting reading, and I do not regret reading them!

The Good One!

Normal People was recommended to me by one of my coworker, and even if it is a bit outside my comfort zone I decided to try it all the same. It is true that I read mostly fantasy and sci-fi, followed by thriller or romance and contemporary but I like to read something different from time to time, and this was an interesting reading. I don’t know if I would read other books by this author but I enjoyed it enough. And I appreciated that what advertise is what you get, this book is about normal people, and even if it can not really sounds so appealing, well, it was interesting all the same. And I enjoy to read about normal people, too!

The Disappointing One!

I think that this would be the last Kay Scarpetta book I read, because it was such a big disappointment! And the sad thing is that the synopsis made it sound so promising! And the story has some really interesting points but they are not really developed, and the characters that once were so full of live were just sad and tired copycats of their former selves.

The DNFed Ones!

These two books were books that I was excited to start but the excitement died pretty soon in the reading. Both are quite chunky but after reading around 100 pages each I just decided to let them both go. It wasn’t that they were bad, but they weren’t the right ones for me, and they both required some commitments to them, but I didn’t care about them at all so… I decided to just stop reading. And I am a bit sad about it, because they have some really interesting points but… nope!

The SPSFC Ones!

The first books I read for SPSFC this year were quite different from each others, but they were quite interesting. I have reviewed both of them so I won’t say anything else about them but… they were interesting books!

My Reviews:
Ever The Hero by D. Harn
Black Thorne by C. W. Snyder
The Inheritance Game Trilogy by J. Lynn Barnes
Ocean’s Echo by E. Maxwell
Notorious Sorcerer by D. Evans

Finished: 3 + 1 last volume published
Continued: 3

It was a good month not only for the quality of the reading but it was good for the reviews too (I wrote quite a lot of them, at least for me and I am quite satisfied with them all!), and even for the series, because I can’t believe that I have finished three of them. And it was also a pretty good month, because I have finished The Sound Of Madness Reading Challenge, and I am so happy about it!

This challenge was so much fun! And it is so satisfying to see the card getting fuller and fuller!

And that’s all for today! What about you? How was your November?? Let me know!

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “NOVEMBER WRAP-UP!

  1. maddalena@spaceandsorcery says:

    I remember reading a few Kay Scarpetta mysteries way back when, and I did enjoy them until… I didn’t anymore: I understand when you say that the characters felt like shadows of their former selves, which is always the sign that a series has reached its… point of no return. And it’s always sad when it happens…


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