Hello and happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the weekend, and that some good book is keeping you company! I had a good week, even if it was a bit tiring, but… oh well! At least I was pretty lucky with my reading, so all is good!

What am I reading?

I can’t believe it but I am finally reading The Crimson Campaign, and I don’t know why I have waited so much before going back to this series! It is just so good! And Tamas and Taniel are two amazing characters. And they are not the only ones! I am so in love with this series! And I am so eager to go back to it, but I can say that it would keep me company for a bit, because it is not a small book and I usually read more ebooks than physical (and this is my physical copy of it) so… it would take some time, but I am looking forward to enjoying all of it! And then I have started The Stars Undying. But I have just started it so I can’t really say how things are going. I am a bit cautious with this one, because I have read some things around that made me reduce a bit my expectations, but we will see!

What have I read?

To take a break from sci-fi, and to read something a little bit “faster” and less demanding before starting McClellan’s book, I read Soul Taken, and even if this is the 13th book in the Mercy Thompson series, I am still having a great time with it. And I loved that we get to see a lot of different characters that we met in the previous books and that all of them got some space in the story. It was nice, and I had a great time with the whole book! And then I finished the books I was reading last week, but this you already now because (and I can’t really believe it myself) I reviewed them both this week! Wow… who am I becoming?? Anyway, I really enjoyed Ocean’s Echo and Blackthorne. They are quite different books, that’s for sure! But they both are good books!

What Would I Read?

Since I am not nearly done with both of my current reading, I don’t know which book I would start next, because I have to see where my mood would take me, but I can say for sure that I would start soon Ever The Hero, because this would be the second book for the Team Read Stars reading, for the SPSFC2. And I am really looking forward to goingback to this one, because the first 10% was quite promising!

Blogging and Personal Life

At the moment I don’t really know what the next week would bring. Maybe some reviews, since I have always reviews to write so… this is pretty much a given, if the mood does not betray me. And maybe I would write a Blame It On the Community post, because it is time I share one of those too… But I have to wait and see if I’ll manage it.

On a personal level, I haven’t a lot to talk about, it was a pretty quiet week (in the best way!), but the other day I discovered that a book I was coveting and waiting for came out! And that news completely flew me by! It came out in October and I discovered it just now!!! And I am talking about the third book in the Allegra series by Krista D. Ball. I need that book, and I need that now! But since I am quite busy at the moment I would wait a bit, even more so because until the end of the month, given or taken, I would have only one day off work per week. But around the end of November I should get a couple of days off work, and now I now what I would be doing with them!!!

And thatโ€™s all for today! How was your week? And you reading?? Let me know!!

Happy reading!


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