Hello people! I hope your week has started in the best possible way, and that you are looking forward to something good! I completely forgot about the wrap-up for the last two months, it just slipped my mind, but I want to share it with you all because I don’t have the time and the mental energy to review all the books that I have read, and I use this kind of post to at least give a bit of visibility to the books that I loved (and also to the ones I didn’t), and have an opportunity to share them with you! Since this time I’ll talk about two months together things would be a bit different from the usual, but not so much! So… let’s start!

Books Read: 8 + 2 DNF in September and 14 + 2 DNF in October

The Amazing Ones

The three books were the best ones I read in the past two months. The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill is a surprising and really captivating book, and I can’t believe it but I have posted a review for it so… I won’t say anymore, but seriously, read it! The Golden Enclaves is the third and last book in The Scholomance series, and it was an amazing finale. I loved it! We have some interesting characters, El is really a good MC and I loved to spend some time in her head, and we have a book full of happenings. It wasn’t boring at all, and the series has a really cool idea! I am not a huge fan of YA but this series is good! And, last but not least, Nettle & Bone. This was my first book by T. Kingfisher, but it won’t be the last. It is sweet, creepy and fun. And we have so many intriguing characters! And a bone dog. And a possessed chicken. And an interesting chick. You just have to read it to see what I am talking about. And you need it, trust me!

The Really Good Ones!

I let ages pass between the first book in Rainbow Rowell’s series and this second one, but Wayward Son was an engaging reading. It wasn’t as captivating or as interesting as the first one, but it helped me find again the pleasure of reading, so I think this should counts for something! Urchin’s Gambit is a short novella, but it left me with the wish to start the main series, so now I just need to find the time and do it, because this one was gripping and I had a great time with it! The Love Hypothesis is not a masterpiece, and it is not one of the most layered romance I have read, it is just that, a romance, but it was funny, and sweet, and it delivered what it promised so… I am pretty happy to have read it! And then, finally, there is Guns Of The Dawn! I wanted to read this book since forever, or so it seems. It is one of those books that I put in the TBR I wrote at the beginning of every year (list like “books I really want to read this year” and the such) and that I never read. So much so that I have almost started to hate it, because it is always there! Always! But hey! I finally read it. And I can’t believe it! I am so happy! To be honest, I didn’t love this one as much as I was expecting, but I had a great time with it. And yes, it has strong Pride & Prejudice vibes. Really really strong. And it was a nice add to the story, really. And then, Tchaikovsky has a way of speaking about war, with a lot of different takes on it, and point of views, that made the reading something really worth your time, and also really thought provoking. Also, in September I have read The Last Graduate, the second book in The Scholomance series. I know, I can’t believe it myself, but it seems like I have read two books in the same series in a short period of time. Who am I becoming?? Anyway, the second book in the trilogy was pretty good and intriguing, I had a hard time putting it down, but it is the least favorite of the three. This said, it is a solid book all the same, and I enjoyed it a lot!

The Good Ones!

Karen Memory is a highly original book, with interesting characters and it was a nice experience to read it. I had a really good time with it, even if, again, I was expecting to enjoy it more. I am happy with this book, and Karen is a really intriguing and honest MC, but I don’t think I would continue the series. Penric and the Shaman is the second story in this series, and it was pretty much like the first one, if I talk about reading experience. I had a good time with it, and the humor in there is something, but it is, sadly not enough to make me love this series. I enjoy it, and Penric and Desdemona are great characters, but… I constantly hope for more. Notorious Sorcerer was a really pleasant surprise, and I had a great time with it. We have an interesting world-building, and some really interesting characters! Also, I have already posted a review for it, yay! The Line Of Polity is the second book in the Agent Cormac series, and so far I am quite enjoying it. It has some really hard sci-fi, for my standard, that made the reading slow, but it is not a bad thing, and I was pretty interested in the story and the characters! Now I just have to read the next one!

The Atlas Six was a totally unplanned reading, but I have to say that I enjoyed it more than what I was expecting. We have some really interesting characters, even if, for the most part, they are unlikeable, at least to me. But the author did an amazing job keeping me invested in their story anyway, and I think I would read the second one too, because I am in serious need of some answers!!! Ruby Fever is the book that ends the trilogy for the second Baylor sister, and even if didn’t love this series as much as I loved the first trilogy, I had a great time with it all the same, and I am really happy with this ending! Then we have Wickedly Magical, that is a short prequel novella of this urban-fantasy series, and after having a small bite of it I need to see how a full book is, because I am so curious! How To Kill Your Family was an interesting book, I was totally into it for the first half, while my interest diminished a lot after the halfway point, but I can’t say what went wrong, and I really liked the writing. And the story is quite original too. It is a good book, and I am happy to have read it but… I was hoping for more, even if I can’t really say what it didn’t work for me here.

I have a lot of mixed feeling toward Book Lovers, because there are some things that I really loved in this book, and some that I really hated. No middle ground! But I am still quite happy with it, and I don’t think I wasted my time reading it, so all is not bad! Rocks Fall. Everyone Dies is a farce of the classical tropes of fantasy, and it was pretty funny to read. In some parts it seems like the author is trying to hard at being witty or funny, but all in all it is a nice book. Red Glove is the second book in this trilogy, and I think that this proves my theory about the author: I like her books, just not the ones about fae. She is an amazing job portaring disunctional family and she is not soft-hearted toward her characters, but the book was a good reading, and I hope to read the last one soonish. And then we have a sort of thriller, Gloria. This story is so full of suspense, and it would keep you glued to the page and on the edge of your seat!

The Okay Ones!

The best thing about The Last Gifts Of The Universe is that we have a cat in space. This part was fantastic! And there are some parts in there that are pretty good, so it seems like the author is able to create fascinating and complex characters that you can love, but I hated the MC so much!! From my point of view she was a stupid decision after stupid decision, stupid thing to say after stupid thing to say. Really… so so annoying! And it is a shame, because there are some good points in there, but personally it was all drown in the blackhole that was the MC. And then we have Prep School For Serial Killers. And this is not a bad reading at all. It should have been more, but if you want just to take a break for an afternoon and read something original with a bite (or a stab) go for this one! It was hard to not compare it to The Scholomance series, because even if they are not really alike, there are some important similarities, but this one is not as complex, in some ways, as Novik’s series, and yet it is captivating and it would keep you riveted from the start to the end! It is a good start for a series, even if it lacks some depths.

Since this is quite a long post I would just let go the books I didn’t finish, so we could wrap things up and not go on and on and on!

Finished: 2

And what about you? And have you read some of the books I have mentioned? And how was your past month?? Let me know!!!

Happy reading!



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