Sci Fi Month is back!! A TBR!

Hello people! It seems like I am back, and I have chosen one of the best times ever to be back! Sci-Fi Month begins today, and this year we are celebrating its 10th anniversary! Isn’t this awesome?? Sadly time flew away from me, and I haven’t really thought a lot about what to post this month, but… at least I am back, and I am excited to share with you all my TBR for it!
And if you want to know more you can check out this post!

November would be quite a full reading month, because we would start to read the full books for the SPSFC2 (but at least they are sci-fi!), and I am planning to continue some series too (and these are not sci-fi, sadly!), so I would select 5 books for my TBR and add some special guests, books that I really want to read, but that I am not really convinced I will read this month.

These five are the books at the top of my list. I really, really hope to read them this month, and I am feeling also quite happy with my choice, because I have two ARCs, that I am dying to start (so there is that, too), a new series that I wanted to start since forever, and two sequels. I could have done worse for sure!

Special Guests:

On one hand, I am quite happy because I managed to not put a lot of books in this list, so it is more manageable, and maybe I would be able to read them all (or at least the 5 books in the main part of the list), but, on the other hand, choosing so few books was pure torture!!!

And what about you? Would you take part in Sci-Fi Month? Which books are on your TBR for November? And what do you think of the books I have chosen?? Let me know!!

Happy reading!

19 thoughts on “Sci Fi Month is back!! A TBR!

    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      Thank you!! I am really excited to read The Exiled Fleet! I loved the first one and I can’t say why I have waited to read this second installment but… I hope to do it soon!! 🀞And I really hope you would enjoy Winter’s Orbit! I jad a really good time with it!!

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  1. Azrah says:

    The Stars Undying and Honor Among Thieves are on my tbr for the month! Liking both so far πŸ™‚ Love The Expanse series and Mickey7 was also pretty good, hope you enjoy them if you get to them!

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