Hello everyone! I hope you are safe and that some good book is keeping you company! Today I am here with another top ten, and today’s theme is “series that I want to continue (possibly by the end of the year), and this is, as I was saying Sunday, all Ola’s fault. Her review made me think about all the series I’d love to continue this year, and so here we are!

Usually, the special guests are at the end of the list, but today they are at the top of it. I like to change things around! These two books are in this section because one of them, Line Of Polity, is the one I am currently reading (and the one that I am reading because of Ola), and The Crimson Campaign is on the list of books I want to read before the end of the year. So yeah, they merit a mention in there, but they are not really part of the proper top ten. And now let’s get on with it!

Soul Taken came out recently, at the end of August I think, and I need to read it! I really enjoy Mercy’s company, and I am enjoying this series a lot, so… I need this one! Cast In Sorrow is the ninth book in the Chronicles of Elantra series, and this is one of my favorite series, so obviously I hope to read at least one more book from it before the end of the year! Then we have The Liar’s Knot, which I wanted to read since it came out at the end of last year. I loved the first one and I really need to get to this one, I want to meet again the characters because some of them were oh so intriguing! Ancillary Sword is the second book in this trilogy, and I am quite curious to see what we will get in this book! Necromancing the Stone is the last book in the duology, and I went back and re-read the first book because I wanted to finish this series, and yet I have to read the last book… I am so bad!!!

The Undertakers has a bit of a shameful story: I really enjoyed the first book and I requested the ARC as soon as I saw it on NetGalley because I was just so curious! But, as you can guess, I have yet to read it… shame on me! Grave Importance is the last book in the trilogy and I am quite eager to go back to Greta and her friends! The Torch That Ignites The Stars is the third book in another favorite series of mine. I really love this series, and I can’t believe I have yet to read this one!!! Then we have The Defiant Heir, which I really hope to read, sooner or later (but sooner would be better!), and Moontangled. And sure, this one is just a novella, but I need to read it!!!

And that’s all for today! What about you? Which series do you hope to continue before the end of the year? And what do you think about the books I mentioned?? Let me know!!

Happy reading!


  1. Zezee says:

    I’m curious about the Undertakers. I didn’t like the first book much because I wanted to the magic system and some characters to be more fleshed out, I guess. Some things were lacking for me, so I wonder if we’ll get more development in the second book.


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