Hello everyone! I hope you all are happy and looking forward to a great weekend! Today I am back with another round of my first impressions for a bunch of SPSFC books. This time around we have some books that didn’t convince me at 100%, but you get to discover also my favorite so far, so let’s begin!

Just a little disclaimer: I have read only 10% or such of each book, so this is really about first impressions. And if you click on the title of the books you can visit their Goodreads page.

Skein of Fates has an exciting idea, and I think I would come back to it and try a little bit more of it once I am done with all the others, because I am not really sold on it, but maybe it is just because of a slow start. We have a really fascinating world there, full of amazing creatures and I’d love to explore more of it, but I wasn’t really interested in the plot or in the characters.

I am really divided on The Unpleasantness at Baskerville Hall, and it could also be because I had some expectations. This one was one of the books that intrigued me the most, and I was fascinated by Reeves. He is an amazing character and I love his dialogues. But the book is also silly, so silly, and sometimes it borders on stupid. Mind me, I know that it is done on purpose, and if on one hand, I am quite happy with it, because it can be deliciously silly, on the other I fear that I could soon grow pretty tired of it. But we will see! Also, I have to remark that some of Reeves’s dialogues are pure genius!

Along the Perimeter could be interesting, maybe, but the part that I read so far… well, not so much. We meet different characters, and we start to get a feeling for this world but I was interested only in one of the characters that we met so far, and it was a mild interest at that so I am not really into this one, sadly.

Black Thorne is one of my favorites so far! And I am really happy to present it to you all. The idea of the book is promising, and I am eager to come back to this book and read more because I was completely hooked by it! The world is an interesting mix of magic and science, and the part I have read is set in the past, but I need to see what is happening in the present!!! I am completely sold on this one!

Ever The Hero is my other favorite. And this was surprising because I am not the biggest fan of superheroes and it has some strong The Boys vibes, and I hate that tv show so… not the best premises, right? And yet I was intrigued from the start and it left me with the need to keep reading and see what would happen next. Indeed a great start!

So, that’s all for today! What about you? Are some books you find interesting in this bunch?? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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