Hello people! I hope you all are happy and safe, and that some good book is keeping you company! Today I am back with another top ten, since lately I am quite in the mood for them, and today’s theme is: books that I want to read before the end of the year. But I am cheating. I am soooo cheating! Because I would go with 20 books.
And I know, 20 books are a lot, and I won’t read them before the end of the year. I know. But I am doing it anyway (and by the end of the year I would be back reading this post and feeling guilty like hell because I can tell you now that I’ll read more than 20 books before the last day of the year, but I can guarantee that I won’t check out all the books in this list… so I would likely throw a pity party!). And I would try and organize things a bit. I would choose 5 non-fantasy or sci-fi books because I really want to read more of them, even if I didn’t really manage this year, and 15 fantasy and sci-fi. I’ll go with 15 because some of them are books that I wanted to read this year since, at least, last year, and some are sort of new addiction to the list. So… ready? Let’s go!

Top 5 Non-Fantasy (or Sci-Fi) Books:

In August I really wanted to read more non-fantasy books, but in the end, I didn’t read much of anything during that month, so here we are. I was really eager to finally read The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill and also The Love Hypothesis, because I have heard some really interesting things about them, and I am looking forward to some relaxed and sweet books. But I also want to go back to some thrillers, hence Five Total Strangers and How To Kill Your Family, even if I don’t know if this latest one is a thriller or something else. But I am curious and I’d love to discover it! And, last but not least, we have Anxious People. I wanted to read more books by this author, so why not now?

The Fantasy And Sci-Fi Ones:

The first two books, Guns Of The Dawn and City Of Stairs are two books that are on my TBR since forever, and that I am trying to put in each list I do here on the blog, in the hope of finally reading them because I really really really want to read them, but I don’t know why their moment never comes. I really hope to remedy that soon! And I can say almost the same for Twelve Kings In Sharakhai, it is not as bad as the other two books, but we are getting there! Then we have The Crimson Campaign, the second book in The Powder Mage trilogy, that I am dying to continue so… let’s hope I’ll manage before the end of the year! And Draconis. I started this book, and I was having a good time with it too, then the reading slump come and I decided to put it on hold because I wasn’t in the right mood anymore. I have put a lot of books on hold this year, but this is the one I really hope to finish soon!

I can’t believe I haven’t read anything by Django Wexler, so I really hope to do it before 2022 ends! And I wanted to read Engines of The Empire since it came out, I put it on my TBR as soon as I learned about it. I was so eager to read it. And yet here we are… sigh! And I can’t believe I have yet to read Leviathan Wakes, too. I wanted to try this series out but… I am so bad at it! But it is not all my fault, it is always the same old “so many books, so little time!”. And then I really hope to read The Exiled Fleet and Drunk On All Your Strange New Words.

And this is the last batch I want to read before the end of the year. This last group is all of some new series that I want to try but that I keep procrastinating for one reason or another, and I really hope to get to read at least some of them pretty soon!

And that’s all for today! What about you? Which books do you hope to read before the end of the year? And what do you think about the books I mentioned?? Let me know!!

Happy reading!


24 thoughts on “TOP TEN BOOKS I WANT TO READ BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR (but make it double!)

  1. Will says:

    My recommendation is to drop absolutely everything and read Leviathan Wakes! Although that’s closely followed by the Crimson Campaign. And that’s not even counting all the other books on there that I loved! Looking forward to the pity party;)

    Liked by 1 person

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