Hello people and happy Saturday! Today is my birthday (yay!) and there is no better way to start it than to share with you all the books I have read in August (truth be told, I started this day with a 3.00 am alarm because of work, sigh! But I will just ignore that part, it is my day and I can do what I want, right??). Anyway, August was not really a great month for my reading, because after courting it for a long time, I finally embraced a bad reading slump, so yeah, I haven’t read a lot, and I am not really enamored of the books I have read, and sure, sometimes it was not the right book for me, but sometimes I can’t honestly say if the problem was the book or the mood. Anyway, here we are so… let’s go!

Books read:Β 7 + 1 graphic novel +1 novella + 1 DNF
Physical books Vs ebooks: 1 vs 9
ARCs: 3

The Really Good Ones!

Weather Girl was a really sweet romance with some interesting themes in there, and I had an amazing time reading it. I loved it! And the other August favorite is Beyond The Empire. To be honest, this is my least favorite of the trilogy, but I can’t say if it is the book or if it was because of my slump. Anyway, it is a good ending for this series, and I enjoyed it quite a lot, so no complaints here!

The Good Ones!

I read Advocatus for the blog tour, and I was pleasantly surprised by it. It is funny, but it has also some serious things going on, and it was an enjoyable reading. Space Trash is a nice sci-fi graphic novel, and I really appreciated the characters in there. It is a good start! Blood Trail is the second book in this series, and it is a re-reading, because I started this series ages ago and I don’t remember a thing but I am not really 100% I will continue it. I think I would try the third book, but I think I have outgrown this series. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the book, it was okay, but I wasn’t really into it. And I can say the same for Servant Mage. It wasn’t bad but… nothing to write home about.

Three Parts Dead is a book that I wanted to read since forever, or so it seems, and yet… I didn’t fall in love with it. But I can’t say if it was the book or the mood. I think I would try the second book in the series and see how things go from there. But it has a really intriguing setting and I loved the ending! So not too bad! The Forgotten Beast of Eld is a thing of beauty. And it is like an old fairytale. But it is not really the right thing for me. I can appreciate this kind of story in theory because I see the beauty of them, and the good in there but I don’t really enjoy them. They are not really my thing. And then there is a short Italian mystery. It was intriguing but, again, nothing special.

The DNFed One!

I was really intrigued by this book and I really wanted to like it but it in the end it didn’t work for me. I really hope to read a good mystery or thriller pretty soon!

My Reviews:
Priest of Crowns by P. McLean
The Daughter of Doctor Moreau by S. Moreno-Garcia
Steel Guardian by C. Coral
In The Orbit of Sirens by T.A. Bruno
–Advocatus by A.R. Turner

Finished: 1
Continued: 1

Even with the slump, and even with all the things I had going on in August, I managed to write some reviews, so yay! And I have finished a series too. Double yay!
I hope to come back next week with some first impressions on the SPSFC books I am “reading” at the moment, and I think I would write also a top 10 or two, or something like that because I am quite in the mood for them and, obviously, I hope to write some reviews too, because I am always behind with those, argh! Anyway, have an amazing weekend and I hope some amazing book is keeping you company!

And what about you? And have you read some of the books I have mentioned? And how was your past month?? Let me know!!!

Happy reading!

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