Hello people! I hope you are having a great Summer and reading some fantastic books! I am not really back 100%, but I am back at least for a bit. I think I wasn’t really projected for hot weather. It does not suit me, and since recently the weather is not what it used to be, this means more hot and humid where I live, which does not sit too well with me. It is not that I am feeling unwell (even if some days weren’t so good, but it is just a day here and there) but I am exhausted more of the time, and I am not really in the mood to be social and to be blogging. The lucky side is that I have read quite a lot, even if I am constantly on the verge of a slump: at the moment I have started 5 books, one of them I have dropped, the other 4 I put on hold for better times, and the last one is the one I am currently reading, and I don’t honestly know if I would continue it or put it on hold too… But in July I have read some pretty amazing books, and so here we are!

Books read: 16 + 1 DNF
Physical books Vs ebooks: 4 vs 13
ARCs: 5

The Amazing Ones!

The best books of the month were quite different from each other: Heir To The Shadows was even better than what I remembered, and it is just a thing of beauty. And pain. It is dark. And it hurts so much. But it is also beautiful. And it can be funny. And sweet too. It is an amazing book. And then there is a complete surprise to me: Saga Vol. 1, in which there are the first 6 issues of this graphic novel. I know that everybody and their grandma loves this series, but… I wasn’t really interested in it. Then I took part in the Oasis Discord first Bingo, and one of the prompts was a sci-fi graphic novel (or a gn set in space, I don’t remember at the moment, anyway..) and I decided to just skip this prompt because it wasn’t really my cup of tea, at least until the last days of July in which I changed my mind because I wanted to get some more points for my team since the second half of the month dragged a bit with the reading. And so I decided to give this one a try and… wow! I fell in love with this one. It is captivating, and the art that is not really my cup of tea, is astounding all the same! I am really glad to have take a chance with that prompt, because now I am a fan of this series!

The Really Really Really Good Ones!

These three are not the favorite of the month, but they almost were! I loved them all, and the amazing thing is that all three of them are sequels (I did an amazing job with sequels in August, if I can say so myself)! Priest of Crowns is the last book in the series, and it is a good ending for a series that I loved. It is a bleak one, for sure, but we have some amazing characters and a really intriguing plot, with twists and intrigues! Cast In Peril is the 8th book in this series, and I couldn’t put it down!! I really hope to read the sequels soon, because I need more of these characters and this magical world. And, last but not least, When Sorrows Come, I think it is the 15th book in the series and it was highly satisfying!

The Good Ones!

The Daughter of Doctor Moreau was my Silvia Moreno-Garcia book, and I think it won’t be the last. Even if it wasn’t really 100% my cup of tea, it was a captivating reading and I especially loved the vivid setting. I hope to write a review for this one soon, but I am not making promises here, sadly! Then I finally tried a fantasy book by McMaster Bujold, because I love her sci-fi series and I was just too curious. Penric’s Demon is a novella, and it wasn’t as amazing as I was hoping, but it is true that my expectations were through the roof, and that the book is quite good all the same. I am looking forward to the sequels, that’s for sure! Locklands is another series ender, and it was surprising and bittersweet, and I am not talking only about the finale, but about all the book. And it was a pleasure to be back with our characters. And then we have Wyrd Sisters. I didn’t love it as much as I loved the first book, but I had a good time with it all the same!

The Okay Ones!

This Is How You Lose The Time War is a beautifully written book, and I enjoyed my time with it even if it is not really my kind of book. But the prose is quite beautiful and the idea behind it is fascinating. Bluebird wasn’t as captivating as I was hoping, but it was fun and full of action, and it was a wild ride. The Magus Conspiracy is an immersive read. If you are a fan of Assasin’s Creed this one is worth the reading, for sure! This Case Is Gonna Kill Me has an amazing idea, but I was hoping for more. It is intriguing, and it is a fast-paced read, but I won’t continue this series. And the same I can say for Abarat. It is an imaginative and vivid book, with an amazing world-building, and I enjoyed it, but I won’t be back.

The Disappointing Ones!

Dragon Mage was a disappointment. In so many ways! I finished it only because the first half was pretty good, and I have this one in a physical edition. And it is hard for me to don’t finish the ones I own physically, especially when I read more than half of them. But it was a disappointment. And Falling Free was… meh. It is not a bad book, and Leo is an interesting character but… but I was expecting so much more from this author and from this series!

The DNFed One!

Here I think that we had a case of “wrong book at the wrong time” because I was loving one of the MCs, I really think he was great, and the story was interesting, but I couldn’t find in me to care for the other MC, and it was quite hard on me, so I decided to just let it go. Even if I am feeling a bit sad because the parts that I enjoyed were pretty good!

My Reviews:
Iron Truth by S.A. Tholin

Finished: 2
Continued: 5

This month I did great with the series, so I am doing great with Summer Of Sequels! I have read six books from that TBR, and I have finished two series. Go me!!!
And I have also read two books for the Sound Of Madness challenge, yay! Now I just need to feel a couple of prompts, and I will be done with that!!

And what about you? And have you read some of the books I have mentioned? And how was your past month?? Let me know!!!

Happy reading!


4 thoughts on “JULY WRAP-UP!

  1. Tammy says:

    It seems to be way hotter that normal all over the world. I feel bad for people without air conditioning😥 You read so many books! I hope August is a great month😁


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