Hello everyone! I hope you all are good and happy, and that your week has started in the best possible way! I can’t believe it, but today I am back with a review, yay! So let’s get going!

Title: Iron Truth
Series: The Primaterre #1
Author: S.A. Tholin
Pages: 591
Publication Date: March 17th, 2018

Fresh and surprising on every level, IRON TRUTH is an epic science fiction adventure with a twist of cosmic horror, bursting with staggering world-building, unremitting action and memorable characters.
 When miners on a remote colony dig too deep, the golden age of space exploration comes to a bloody end. A corruption springs from Xanthe’s alien soil, possessing every mind it touches.
Embroiled in civil war, the galactic community spirals into panic, and the Primaterre Protectorate seizes control. In order to preserve Earth, its surface is quarantined, and all further deep space colonisation is outlawed.
Aboard one of the last colony ships, junior botanist Joy Somerset slumbers in cryostasis, unaware of war and corruption. Expecting the clear skies of a garden colony, she instead wakes stranded on Cato – a planet whose menacing sands seem to share a hunger with the crazed locals – and Joy faces mortal peril at every turn.
Commander Cassimer, troubled by a past of epic proportions, is a Primaterre veteran dedicated to fighting the corruption. Now he leads Scathach Banneret Company’s elite strike team on a mission to recover a clandestine starship lost on Cato. On this storm-lashed world, surrounded by shadow and ruin, Cassimer faces not only failure, but the loss of what little sanity he has.
Joy and Cassimer must trust each other long enough to uncover Cato’s dark secret and work together to survive deranged cultists, terrorist rebels, and the IRON TRUTH.

This was an interesting book, for sure. It is quite chunky, but it doesn’t seem so while you are reading it. Pages just flew by, and you are there, on the edge of your seat, turning one after another after another. And so far, so good, right? And it is, do trust me, I am glad to have read it, and I really think that this is an enjoyable reading, but… there are some buts here, and they are also pretty big. For once, it was one of those books that I couldn’t put down while I was reading it (and it is good!!) but once I put it down I wasn’t really so eager to go back to it, it didn’t stay with me at all. Both then when I was reading it, and both now that I am done with it. But this could really be a personal and mood-related thing, absolutely. The other not-so-good thing with this book is that it is anticlimactic. And I know, it doesn’t really make sense, but let me try to explain: we have some twists and “big revelations” during the book, but really when you get to them my reaction (and the reaction of my teammates too, so it is not only a personal feeling) was more often than not “ah, wait, it wasn’t clear to all?” or “ah, this should have been a revelation?” because these “surprise moments” are all about things that seem so obvious that you just think that everyone, one way or another, knows it. And it is not “obvious” like when you know who the murderer is and you are screaming at the characters to stop being blind or dumb and see things, but it is “obvious” in the sense that it is a fact that you just think everyone knows because they carry themselves as they know, up to the point in which you discover that no, they, in fact, did not know it. Anticlimax at its best. I can’t explain it better, because spoilers, but I hope this makes sense to you.

This was annoying, from time to time, but as I was saying before, we have some good things going on for this book, and I enjoyed the reading all the same. We have some interesting characters, Joy and Commander Cassimer take the spotlights, and they are pretty good, complex characters, but they are not the only ones. I especially enjoyed Cassimer’s team, and I really wish them the best, because they really deserve it! Sure, a lot of other characters were unpleasant, but it is pretty obvious since the story is set in a harsh world, with harsh people. It is not a post-apocalyptic book, but Cato, the world in which the story took place, has definitely some post-apocalyptic vibes.
And the world-building is interesting. Sure, I would have liked to see more, because we know that we have at our disposal a whole universe, and yet we see only Cato, which is not the most welcoming planet ever. But we get to know Cato pretty well, the author did a great job here.

And the tech. Oh my! I really loved it! We get a lot of interesting new things, and I always love to see how the authors see this kind of future, it is always good to see some amazing and, well, futuristic, things. I loved it! And we have a lot more going on, the plot is fast-paced, we have bad guys, good guys, twists, turns, cultists (we have cultists, people!!!!), and more. And we have a lot of action, fights and battles, and also some romance. And it is all quite well balanced. It is an interesting book, and even if I didn’t love it, I had a good time with it, and I was hooked from the start to the end!

So, that’s all for today! And what about you? Do you know this book or this author?? Let me know!

Happy reading!



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