Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all are safe and happy! And I know, two recap posts can be a tad too much, but I promise you the next one will be something else! At first, I wanted to write a review for today, but then I changed my mind, because I have read some pretty good books, and I want to at least talk a bit about them, to give them a bit of visibility because I know that I won’t be able to write a review for all of them, but they deserve to be shared! So here we are.

What am I reading?

I am reading three books at the moment, and none of them is a physical book. Bad bookworm! But since two of them are from my Summer of Sequels TBR I am not feeling so bad. And since I wanted to have a relaxing Summer, in which to read books that I wanted to but that I procrastinated and to try and do better with the goals that I didn’t prioritize until now but with no pressure, I’m taking part in another Bingo. Because it makes sense, right?? Argh! Anyway, I am taking part in the Bingo organized by the Oasis Discord and I am having so much fun with it! And Abarat is a book I always wanted to read but always postponed. But now it was a rec book for one of the prompts and I just went with it. To be honest, it is a highly vivid book, vivid and full of life, vibrant with so many different creatures and landscapes, but I won’t continue the series. Falling Free so far it is a bit of a disappointment. It is not that it is bad, but it is not as good as I was expecting. And then we have When Sorrows Come. I waited so much for this wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!

What have I read?

I am quite surprised by myself, but I have read Locklands and even if it is the less favorite of the three I am really glad to have finished this series. It has an interesting world and exploring it is always amazing. And Sancha and Clef are simply amazing!! Then we have Cast In Peril, and I am loving this series so much! It is really good, with amazing characters, so many different cultures, and species, and an amazing magic system. It is bliss! And then I went and started a new series. By an author that I am already reading, and I am not nearly done with the other series… not good. But I couldn’t resist, and I have gone and read Penric’s Demon. It was not as good as the Vorkosigan I have read so far, but it was fun and I am looking forward to the sequels.

What Would I read?

So… I have not yet finished Dragon Mage. I put it on hold, and to be honest, I am not really so interested in it anymore, but I have a harder time dropping physical books, and I have read almost 700 pages so it is even harder to just let it go, and don’t finish it. Because I have read so much of it! So maybe I would go back to it and finish it! Or at least I hope, and then I hope to read The Daughter of Doctor Moreau. I was approved for an ARC and I am really curious about it!

Blogging and Personal Life

On the blogging side, I have so many reviews to write. So so many! So I think that I should just go with it, and write them. Or at least some! So… yeah, probably next week you would see some of them on the blog. I should also take a look at the Great Series Project because since I am taking part in the Summer Of Sequels (and so far I am doing good, go me!!!) it would be a smart thing to see how I did during the first six months and check out some series and add the new ones to the list. Making lists really help me stay on track. It does not prevent me from starting new ones but… I can’t have it all, right??? (and let’s be honest, I do not want to not start new series!!! Yes, I am way beyond hope here!).

On a personal level, I am not in the best mood ever. It is nothing really bad, but I hate the hot weather, and here it is hot and humid and I am constantly tired because of it. And things are pretty intense at work right now and this adds to the tiredness. I really need some time off, but I would have to wait a long while for my vacation (till the half of August, and I know that it is not so much… but it feels like a small eternity!). On the plus side, in these weeks that I was not on the blog, I managed to watch some k dramas (I have finished the one I was following, and I have watched another short one) and I went back to crochet. I have finished a blanket and I am really proud of it!!! (Sure, in my plans it should have been a present for Christmas, the past one, and it should have been a throw blanket, but it fits a queen-size bed, but hey! It is done, and I am happy with it!). And I have also learned how to knit. So now I am doing that too. I am still learning, but I am quite proud all the same!

And that’s all for today! How was your week? And you reading?? Let me know!!

Happy reading!

3 thoughts on “WEEKLY WRAP-UP! #18

  1. mervih says:

    Too bad Falling Free has been a disappoinment. I’ve enjoyed the Penric novellas but they’re clearly lighter than the Vorkosigan saga. Still fun, though.


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