Hello people! Today I am here to talk a bit about SPSFC again! Yes, I know that I am neglecting Wyrd And Wonder but I will be back to it soon! Today is for this new contest because we are at the last step! We have our finalists and the last phase has begun. Now it is time to choose the winner! And I am so so excited about it all!
If you want to have more info you can also visit the official website, and now let’s meet the finalists!

I have reviewed three of them before now: Captain Wu, which is a really funny book and a great start for a new series with an older MC, and a badass one at that! Monster of the Dark, that has a really intriguing MC, and it is an interesting book as a whole and a good start for an interesting series. And Ducket & Dyer, which I reviewed before SPSFC because I took part in a blog tour for it. And now I am really looking forward to reading the other ones! A Star Named Vega, In The Orbit Of Sirens, Iron Truth, and Steel Guardian all sound pretty amazing and I can’t wait to read them all!

So, that’s all for today! Have you heard of these books? And have you read some of them?? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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