Hello and happy Monday everyone! I hope you all are safe and happy, and that you are reading some great books! This week didn’t follow the plans (how rude of it! I mean, I wanted to write some posts, read a lot of interesting posts, do some long-due house chores, and a lot more…) because I was constantly exhausted. Long hours at work, and the hot weather, were just too much for me. Especially the weather. I am not a fan of the hot temperatures, and the heat took us by surprise, and it is a bit too much. I really hope this next week things would get at least a bit better! But I have read some amazing books, so it’s not all bad!

What am I reading?

I can’t believe I am finally reading The Utterly Uninteresting & Unadventurous Tales Of Fred The Vampire Accountant! I am so glad to have finally started it, and so far it is quite brilliant. And fun! And then I am reading a book that wasn’t on my Wyrd And Wonder TBR because it is an Italian mystery, but I have read my physical books on the list (there is still the special guest, but it would come out in 4 days so I am not guilty here!) so I decided to read this one, that I wanted to read since forever. And so far I am loving it!

What have I read?

I am really happy with the last books I have read, because I enjoyed all of them, and all of them were on my TBR so… Yay!!! Warping Minds & Other Misdemeanors is the start of a new series and so far it was as funny as I was expecting. The MC is really interesting and I am looking forward to the sequels! The Golem And The Jinni was a unique reading. In the end, it wasn’t like my usual cup of tea, but I had a great time reading it nonetheless. Dreadful Company is the second book in the trilogy dedicated to Greta Helsing and I loved it! I enjoyed this second one more than the first book, but I think that my problem with the first one was from my expectations. With the second my expectations were more on the right track, so to speak, and I had a great time with it! Now I hope to read the third one in short order, and not let years pass! And last but not least, there is my first Daniel Abraham book. I have almost all of his books on my TBR and yet I didn’t read any of them, at least until now. And I would read the others, that’s for sure, but this one was… a bit meh. It is an amazing book, but I couldn’t connect with the characters, and so the book was lacking something for me. And also, I think that I had some really really high expectations. But it is an amazing book, and I would read others by him, even if I won’t continue this series.

What Would I read?

I really hope to finally start Shorefall, because I can’t wait to get back to this world! The first book was a really pleasant surprise, and I don’t know why I haven’t read this second book yet, but I really hope to get to it soon! And then I hope to read A Star Named Vega. It is not on my TBR, that’s true, but I am doing pretty good with it, and we have just started the last phase of SPSFC, and this is one of the finalist books so… I have to get started with the finalists, and this one seems a great way to start! Also, I wanted to read it since I saw it entered the competition!

Blogging and Personal Life

I really hope to write some posts this week. One of them should be about the SPSFC finalists because I want to share them all with you! And then I have some posts I have drafted this week, but that I didn’t finish because I was exhausted and not in the mood to blog at all. But I hope to share them with you all soon. And I hope to write a couple of reviews too, so it should be a busy week, or at least I hope so!

On a personal level, there is not much to report. I complained about the hot temperatures and the exhaustion a lot, and I don’t have a lot to add. Ade is not so happy about the weather too, because he suffers from the hot temperatures too, so we both aren’t fans of Summers but… we will survive!
I hope to be more present in the community this week, but I am not making promises!

And that’s all for today! How was your week? And you reading?? Let me know!!

Happy reading!

8 thoughts on “WEEKLY WRAP-UP! #14

  1. Tammy says:

    I’m sorry the weather is so hot, I don’t like it either, especially when I have to turn on the air conditioning (it’s so expensive to run!) Looking forward to your SPSFC post about the finalists, I’m so curious😁 Have a good week, Susy!

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