Hello and happy Sunday everyone! The first week of May, and the first week of Wyrd And Wonder, has ended, and I am really happy about it! I had read a lot of books, and the keyword this week was “fun”, so you can guess I had a great time with my reading! And the community was full of interesting posts to celebrate all things fantasy!

What am I reading?

I can’t believe that I am finally reading The Golem And The Jinni, but here I am! This book waited for so long on my shelves that I was starting to lose hope, but I am really reading it! And it is not really what I was expecting (even if I don’t really know what I was expecting, just that it was not it!) but it is good. It is quite a unique book, and it has a really slow pace, the author shows us the life of a lot of different people, and she takes her time doing so, but so far I am intrigued! And then I have finally started Dreadful Company, the second book in the trilogy dedicated to Greta Helsing. And I am loving it! I enjoyed the first one, but I didn’t fall completely in love with it, but with this one, things may change, because so far I am hooked!

What have I read?

I have read two books from my TBR (and I am currently reading two other books from there, so this is not bad!) so I just had to go and read something else, too, because… why read the books you have on your TBR when there are so many books out there?? My brain sometimes is simply impossible! Anyway, I have read The Knave of Secrets, which was an interesting book, I was expecting something a tad different, but it was a nice book all the same. And then I read Equal Rites. This was a re-read because I started The Witches sub-series ages ago. But once it wasn’t one of my favorites, I enjoyed the book, sure, but it was just okay. Brilliant in some parts, but mostly okay. (As far as Pratchett’s books can be “okay”). This second time around I loved it! So much so that I gave it 5 stars!!! And then we have the two intruders: Stringers, a sci-fi book that was fun, so much fun!! And The Man And The Crow, a really really short novella with some interesting characters. Know I know for sure that I want to read more by this author.
The word this week was “FUN” because I had an amazing time with Pratchett’s and Panatier’s books! And I laughed quite a lot with them. I couldn’t have asked more from the first week of Wyrd and Wonder!

What Would I read?

Tomorrow I would start Warping Minds & Other Misdemeanors, because I have a buddy read planned for it, and I am quite curious to start this series! We met the MC in this one in the last book of the previous series, and I was mighty intrigued! Also, this one should be fun! So it would keep up the theme! And then I would finally start Age of Ash. I need to read this one, sooner rather than later, so I really think its moment has come!

Wyrd And Wonder all around!

IMAGE CREDITS: tree wolf image by chic2view on 123RF.com

This first week was really full of interesting and amazing posts all around, so I want to share some of them with you all. Obviously, I can’t share all the amazing posts out there, but at least I can give you a short preview!

I think that Peat is one of the most prolific bloggers this month, on this blog you can find a ton of Wyrd and Wonder‘s posts, and they all are pretty amazing. One of the most interesting ones (but not the only one!), is this one about mythopoeic fantasy, while you can find an interesting selection of mythic books in this post by A Literary Escape. Or, if you are interested in enchanted forests, you can peruse this post by One Reading Nurse, which is so full of amazing books!

But these are just some interesting bites, you can find so much more out there, using the #WyrdAndWonder hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. So much more!!!!

And that’s all for today! How was your week? And you reading?? Let me know!!

Happy reading!

15 thoughts on “WEEKLY WRAP-UP! #13

  1. peatlong says:

    Thank you for sharing and the praise. Also loving that you loved/are loving Equal Rites and Golem and the Jinni. I think my breakthrough on Equal Rites was focusing on how fun Granny and Esk are together.

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