Hello and happy first day of May! I am really excited because with May start also the amazing Wyrd and Wonder a month-long event for all things fantasy! And isn’t it cool? And I love this event, so I won’t’ waste any more time and get started with my TBR and my plans for the month! And yes, I know that I failed miserably with my April TBR but I don’t care!!!!

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I want to keep up the good work with the series, so I really hope to at least read these three books: The Thief Who Went To War, the last book in Amra Thetys series. It is a fun and original series, with a couple of amazing MCs! Then I really want to read Dreadful Company, because I enjoyed the first book in the series and it is time to continue it and stop procrastinating! And the same I can say for Heroes Return. I really love this series, especially so because the two MCs are really something, but lately, I keep procrastinating it. And this is no good!

I am not done with the series, because I really really want to read Shorefall, too. And I really hope that with Wyrd And Wonder afoot its time would come! I am also pretty excited to read The Knave Of Secrets because I am taking part in the blog tour for it and the plot sounds pretty amazing! And I am also dying to start Age of Ash. And I am feeling quite optimistic about that one, I really think that its moment is coming!!!!

Then we have two physical books, Equal Rites because after reading the collection of short stories I decided that it was time to go back to The Witches sub-series. This year I wanted to start the Moist Von Lipwig one, but the stories made me change my mind. I have read some of these books, so this one would be a re-read, but since I have read it a lifetime ago it would almost be like the first time around! And then I really hope to read The Golem and the Jinni, because this book is waiting on my shelves for so long!!! And then we have Warping Minds & Other Misdemeanors, because I’ll buddy read it, and this is a companion series to the one I have finished recently by this author. And so far it seems like these are the perfect books to take a break and read something fun and fast. And last but not least, I hope to finally read The Utterly Uninteresting And… the title is just too long, but I have some expectations from this one!

And then we have two Special Guests:

I am really excited for The Hourglass Throne to come out, and we are almost there! But I don’t know if I’ll manage to buy and receive it in time for this event. I am really hoping to receive it as soon as it is humanly possible, but who knows?? And then there is The Bone Ships. I really, really, really want to start this book, but I am not sure about demanding reading at the moment (and there are a couple on my newly written TBR that can qualify, too) so… I really hope to read it in May, because what is better than Wyrd and Wonder for starting this series? But I am not so confident at the moment, so here it is!

The Plans:

So… I don’t really have a lot of plans for this event, because I don’t know how much time I would have for the blog. But what I can say for sure is that I am taking part in two blog tours, so you would find those for sure, and I am pretty excited about both of them! The books are No Gods, Only Monsters (that was pretty good!) and Knave Of Secrets that I am dying to start! And I really hope to write a couple more reviews, too.
I plan to post a Blame It On The Community post with all fantasy books (and I think I will write the one about all the books I have added on my TBR to this year’s r/Bingo. But be prepared, because I am talking about a lot of books!). And I am also thinking about doing something a bit different from the usual things I post, and try with a “if you like this then try that” kind of post. But I am not really good with those, so I am not making promises here.
And as always, I am looking forward to all the amazing things the community would post, because there are always a ton of amazing post out there!

And that’s all! What do you think of the books I mentioned here? And will you take part in Wyrd and Wonder too? Let me know!!

Happy reading!


  1. azucchi says:

    Welcome to Wyrd and Wonder Suzy! So excited to have you join our party of adventurers 😊 a lot of your TBR books are new to me, so I’ll be off to add those to my want to read list in just a moment!! I will say I really liked Age of Ash and I hope you do enjoy it when you get to it! And The Bone Ships is one of my favourite series, I can highly recommend it – it takes a little bit of getting into the world but once you’re in its mesmerising! I hope you enjoy this fantastical month!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      Thank you! I am really looking forward to this month and all the amazing posts people will share! It always amaze me the creative and the love during Wyrd and Wonder! And now I am even more curious to start both those series!! I hope to get started soon!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Tammy says:

    You have some amazing books planned! I’m super excited for The Hourglass Throne, and I hope you get to read The Bone Ships at some point. It’s a fantastic series😁

    Liked by 1 person

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