Happy Sunday everyone! We are really in April now, and… wow! Yesterday we were beginning this new year, and now we are four months into it. This aside, I hope that your week was a good one and that you read some pretty good books! I am way less tired now, and so happy about it! Also, it seems like I am back to blogging so… yay!

What am I reading?

My first physical book of April is A Blink of A Screen by Terry Pratchett. Last year I finished my favorite sub-series, The City Watch, and now I am ready to go back into the Discworld, but before going back in I decided to sidetrack a bit and read this one, that is a collection of short stories, and so far I am having a great time with it! And then I am buddy-reading Damned Souls And A Sangria, the last book in this series. Since I buddy-read the previous one recently (I finished it at the beginning of the week) we decided to not wait and go for the last one! And so far I am pretty intrigued by it!

What have I read? 

I can’t believe that I have finished The City of Dusk! This book was so slow and it dragged its feet so much! Mind me, I enjoyed it, but I was expecting more. And I am trying to write a review but this book awakened my most critical side and… it is pretty hard to contain it once unslashed! And nope, this does not sound creepy at all! And then we have my first April’s DNF. Sadly, How To Spot A Psychopath wasn’t the right book for me, and it was a 50-50 thing: I have to accept that psychological thrillers are not really my thing, because of the general sense of malaise that is always there, and this book is not perfect. I think that in a more congenial setting I could have closed an eye because it is not bad but… all the small things that didn’t work for me, plus the fact that it was not the right book for me… it was too much. And it was dropping it or rage reading it.

What Would I read?

I think my next physical book would be Queen of Fire because I really want to read this book and see how the story would end, but I am keeping procrastinating. But no more! I hope that this would be the time for it! And I think that I would go with Cast In Ruin, too. It is a good choice for my April TBR, and I think I will use it for the r/fantasy Bingo, too. I am still working on that TBR because it is hard and long work, but I am getting there, and aside from what I can use this book for, I am in need of some comforting read, and this should cover it! I love this series!!!!

Blogging and Personal Life

On the blogging side, there are some posts coming! On Monday I’ll finally share a review for a book that I enjoyed quite a lot. It is a comedy fantasy and it was a nice reading, and it was published on Friday so… wait for it! Then I think I would be ready to share the TBR for the r/fantasy Bingo, so yes, another TBR is coming!! And maybe I would manage to write the review for City of Dusk, too, but I am not making promises here!

And, on the personal side, it was an uneventful week, but at least it was not as tiring as the past ones, so that’s a victory! On the downside, it is Spring and even if I love it, I think it does not love me back. I have survived the “I am always tired” part, and now I am straight in migraine territory… But I think that once I survived this too, all it would be well again in the world!

And thatโ€™s all for today! How was your week? And you reading?? Let me know!!

Happy reading!

16 thoughts on “WEEKLY WRAP-UP! #11

  1. Louise H says:

    Oh I’m adding the first two books you featured to my TBR (I shall have to look up the whole Annette Marie series.
    I did smile at this ” this book awakened my most critical side andโ€ฆ it is pretty hard to contain it once unslashed” because I know that feeling so well. It’s always those middling books that I struggle to review because it’s all the things that DIDN’T work that spring to mind, so the review ends up sounding very negative even though the book was ok!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      Both of those books are good! I am a fan of Pratchett and I am loving all these short stories! And Annette Marie has wrote a ton of books, and I want to read her other series because this one was pretty good!
      And yes, it is exactly so! And it can be so annoying!! I mean, it is not a bad book, at all but it is so easy to just be carried away with the “bad” parts!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Tammy says:

    I had planned to spend all weekend pushing through City of Dusk but so far I have not succeeded, lol. I’m so curious to read your review! Hope your week is good and migraine free๐Ÿ˜

    Liked by 1 person

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