Hello people! I hope you all are happy and good! Today I am here with my TBR for April, but this month I decided to do something a bit different. First thing first, it would be a short TBR with 5 books on it, because I am trying to be less ambitious with my TBR, and because in April it would start the new r/fantasy Bingo and so I would get started with that challenge, too, but since the card would be revealed on the first of April I have to wait before starting to plan. And second, this time around I decided to do a little “game” with my reading: in March I took pictures of some pages on my e-reader every time I finished a book, and in April I would read a book from those pages.

So, there would be 5 pictures with the pages in which there are the books I have read, and I have to pick from there. The pictures are quite awful, really sorry about that! And I would also share my thoughts about which books are the best bet there. But I would let my mood decide, so no guarantees!

This was the page of In The Field Marshal’s Shadow, and there are quite some books that I’d love to read. I am betting on In the Garden of Iden or on An Illusion Of Thieves.

I think this is the worst picture of the batch, really sorry about that! Here we have a lot of books that sound great right now, but I am thinking that the best bets here are The Woman In The Purple Skirt and Vespertine.

This one is really, really hard! I would say Cast In Ruin because I am loving this series, this is the 7th volume, and I keep talking about doing better with the series so… I think this is a safe bet. But I want to read all the others too!! Maybe I would place a bet on The Raven Tower, too, and see how things go!

This is not easy, either! I am dying to read more by Oliver, so probably I should say The Great Hearts II, because the first one was a really good book! And then I am really, really curious to read The Black Hawks, so these are my bets!

I think that here the most probable two are the Brotherhood Of The Wheel or Soulstealer. And this was the last! So to recap, these are the books I am placing my bets on, all the 10 of them, but I would try and read 5:

Would my prediction be accurate? And would I manage to read 5 of these books? And what about you? What do you think about all of these? And what are your plans for April?? Let me know!

Happy reading!


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