Hello people! I hope that you are feeling good and that some good books are keeping you company. We are at the end of March and so it is that time of the month again! Taking stock and looking back at how the month was. I think that seasonal changes are not my favorite thing in the world, usually, I feel exhausted and quite moody, and this time was no different. Not really on the moody part, but on the exhaust… definitely! And this reflected on the blog, too… I just hope to get back at 100% in April! But let’s get started with this recap. I read some really great books, and I have read quite a lot but I have the feeling that I haven’t read much this month, even if it is a lie!

Books read: 14 + 1 DNF
Physical books Vs ebooks: 3 vs 12
ARCs: 4

The Amazing Ones

This month I was lucky and I have read a bunch of amazing books! Empire of the Vampire was absorbing and was a thing of beauty. This book is just so good! And we have some amazing art in there, too. Crowbones is not as good as the previous books if I have to be honest, but I love this series, I love the world, and I love the characters, so there is a strong affective component here, sorry not sorry! The other two books were a tad less awesome than these two, but it is a minor thing (and I think that having a category called “amazing ones minus” was stupid, so here we are!). The Lost City of Ithos is the fourth book in The Mage Errant series, and this series keeps being surprisingly good. I really think it deserves more love, and I hope to write a review for it, because we have it all in there! And then there is The Poppy War. I waited a lot before starting this one, and I don’t know why! It is not a happy story, but it is compelling and captivating. Now I hope to read the sequel soon (or relatively soon!).

The Really Good Ones!

In The Field Marshal’s Shadow is a collection of short stories in the Powder Mage series, and it reminded me that I need to continue that series too! I am quite eager to go back to that universe, so maybe I won’t let too much time pass! A Memory Called Empire was an interesting book, with a fascinating world-building where literature, and culture, have a central place. It was… strange, and captivating. And it was also demanding because it was complex and intricate, but I had a great time with it. I don’t know if I really want to read the second book because even if I had a really good time with this one, and I have enjoyed the characters, even if there was something that prevented me from completely relating to them, but it was a minor thing, I am not really invested in the story itself. But I think that I would let some time pass and then decide what to do with this series! And then we have Meet Me In The Margin. Sort of a plot twist here, right? But this romance, even if not the most original out there, was cute and it was also interesting, and it kept me interested from the start to the end!

The Good Ones!

Ogres is an original short work, and it is a whole new take on a tale as old as the world, really. I may not love it but I enjoyed it quite a lot, and I think that this book has some things to say. Conspiracy Of Truths is another interesting book. On the level of personal enjoyment, there was something lacking, I didn’t fall in love with this book, either, but I enjoyed it and I was intrigued by the MC, I can say that he is pretty unique! And then we have two books that are more fast reading: Lost Talismans and A Tequila is the seventh book in this series and I have some mixed feelings because I had a good time with it, and I enjoyed the reading, that’s for sure, but I think that the first books were better. But we are nearing the end of the series, and I am pretty curious to see what would happen in the next, and last, book! And then we have The Lady And the Bricklayer which is a regency romance (sisters free, yay!!) that I enjoyed quite a lot. I was needing something less demanding, and this was the perfect book to take a break with!

The Okay Ones

The Romance Recipe is a contemporary romance that could have been more. I really liked the bi rep in there, and I think we need more books like this one. But the story and the characters weren’t so special. Mind me, I enjoyed the book all the same, but it could have been more. And then we have Black Magic Sanction, the 8th book in this series and, for me, the last. It wasn’t bad, to be honest, I enjoyed this one more than the 7th, but I have outgrown this series. I like some characters, but they are not the main ones, and I am not really interested in continuing with this one. I enjoyed it, yes, but I am not interested in seeing what happens next.

The SPSFC books

My Reviews:
Meet Me In The Margins by M. Ferguson
What Branches Grow by T.S. Beier
Ogres by A. Tchaikovsky

Finished: 1 last volume published (1 dropped)
Continued: 2

In March I didn’t do great with the series and with the reviews. It was a strange month for blogging since I was tired a lot and the mood was not the right one. Seasonal changes are not my thing, and I think that the main problem was this, but I think that things are getting better and better, so in April I should be able to be a little good blogger. On the series, I am not making promises, but this year I am not doing great with them, so it’s time to take action!
And with my reading goals, I am doing so and so. I am pretty good with sci-fi books and also with physical ones, yay me! And also with the non-fantasy. Here is all good. But I am not reading non-fiction and the series, well, are not going so well either. Let’s see if April would be a better month, in this respect!

And what about you? And have you read some of the books I have mentioned? And how was your past month?? Let me know!!!

Happy reading!

10 thoughts on “MARCH WRAP-UP!

    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      Thanks!! And 14 are a lot! But I had the impression that this month I read less, even if it’s not true. But some of these books were slow, really slow, so I think that my feelings were because of this!


      • Jeanne says:

        I did not love it. You’re right that it was a pleasure to be back in the world, and then I even started suspecting that wasn’t a good thing, because the revenge fantasy got to feeling way too authoritarian for me, in this current climate.

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