Hello and happy Sunday! I hope your week was good, and that you read some pretty amazing books! My week was not bad, uneventful, yes, but good. And I spent my time with some really good books. This week I didn’t make a wise choice, that’s true, because I have read together two books that were quite demanding, but since they were pretty good books, who am I to complain??

What am I reading?

I am still reading The Empire of the Vampire because it is a book that needs all my attention and a lot of time. And it is amazing. The writing is so beautiful, and the story, even if really dark, is captivating. But the best thing is the writing. Really. It is a thing of beauty. And then I am reading What Branches Grow, for SPSFC. I haven’t read a lot of it, yet, but so far is promising and the characters seem interesting.

What have I read? 

This week I haven’t read a lot of books, but the two I have read were so so good! In The Field Marshal’s Shadow is a collection of five short stories, and I really enjoyed all of them, even if my favorite ones were the ones about Tamas, because he is quite the complex character, for sure! And then I have read, and loved, A Memory Called Empire. But this book needs a lot of attention, too, because we have such a complex and complicated world-building in there! And it is also a chunky book. Not the chunkiest, true, but it is quite long all the same.

What Would I read?

As soon as I’ll finish Kristoff’s book I would start Bishop’s one. Because I need it! I am just too excited, and I can barely contain myself. I received the book on Wednesday, and since then it was torture to wait. But the wait won’t be long, yay!! And then I think I would read The Lost City of Ithos, because I need something a bit more upbeat and fast-paced, and I think that this series would be the right choice!

Blogging and Personal Life

This was quite an uneventful week, so there is nothing of note to write in there. But I am not complaining, it was uneventful but good! And even on the blogging side, lately, I am feeling a bit under the weather and so we will see what the next week would bring!

And thatโ€™s all for today! How was your week? And you reading?? Let me know!!

Happy reading!

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