Reading “First” For 2022!

Hello people! I hope you are doing great, and that you are reading some pretty amazing books! Today I am here with a meme I saw on Tammy’s Blog, it sounds like fun, so let’s go!

First Book Read in 2022

My first book in 2022 was the fifth book in the Zodiac Academy series. It was a guilty pleasure, this series, up to a point, and I had a great time with it for a time, but after reading the sixth book I decided to let it go because it wasn’t so right for me anymore. But the books are compelling and even if they are quite chunky I devoured them!

First Review Posted in 2022:

My first review in 2022 was for SPSFC, and it was for a book that really surprised me. I am not a fan of YA dystopic, and yet Above The Sky takes the story in some unexpected places and even if I wasn’t really into it at the beginning, I was captivated by the end!

First Book of 2022 By A Debut Author:

This book was amazing! It was all I was in need of and even more. And I loved it, really! It is cozy, sweet, and fascinating. And I really hope the author would write more books! Legends & Lattes was an amazing discovery!

First Book Of 20200 By A “New To Me Author”:


Nophek Gloss was an amazing book, and I am really looking forward to the sequel, that I should read soon, if TBR and attention span would allow it!

First Self-Published Book of 2022:

A Traitor In Skyhold is the third book in the Mage Errant series, and so far I am having a great time with it. It has some pretty amazing characters, and I really love Hugh, our MC, and some interesting stories. And an amazing library!!!

First Book Of 2022 That Slayed Me:

This was a re-read, but I think it should count anyway. And oh guys, this book. It really is hurtful, Daughter of the Blood, but it is also so beautiful!

First book of 2022 that I wish I could get back the time I spent reading it:

Master Of One is not a bad book, but I was expecting more from it. It is not really a case of expectations too high, here, it is just that this book is… plain. It is not bad, it is also interesting in some parts, but it could have been more. And it wasn’t.

And this is all for today! What do you think of my choices here? And what ara yours?? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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