Hello people! So, since Spring is almost upon us, I decided to take a look at my winter TBR and at the r/Bingo. I really love the Bingo on r/fantasy, but it is a year-long challenge, and it seems like I have some difficulties with those, and this is the reason I have changed a bit my monthly recap to insert there the challenges I am following because with a monthly check-in I am more motivated to keep them going! And this year, with the Bingo, I made things a bit harder for myself because I decided the books to read for it in advance, because I thought that it would have helped me keep at it, and because some of the books I have chosen were books that I really, really, really wanted to read. So I thought it was a win-win.
But oh how was I wrong!! Since I have listed some books that were on the top of my TBR I just kept procrastinating reading them, because they are on the list so I would read them, sooner or later. Sure… but then the bingo is ending, there are two weeks left and I realized that… yep, I have still some books to read! Sure, some of those were on my Winter TBR too, so I managed to read some of them in the end, but not all of them, argh!

As you can see, there are some unchecked boxes on the card, still. And I will try to at least read some of the books for those, but I am not making promises here, because I have some ARCs to read, too, and the SPSFC books too. And there is the mood reading to account for, too. But even if I won’t finish this card on time, I am looking forward to the next one. The new challenge would start on April 1st, and I am looking forward to it. I may be without hope, but at least I am a happy bookworm! With a TBR that would crush me sooner rather than later, but… oh well!
And since we are almost in Spring is also time to see how I did with my winter TBR. Truth be told, I was ambitious when I wrote that down. A lot. So, obviously, I didn’t finish it. But I am glad anyway because I accomplished a lot!

There were 17 books on the list, plus 5 special guests, books that I have started and then dropped because the mood wasn’t the right one for them. And, on the whole, I have read 11 of them, and I am currently reading one more, so I can say that I have read 12 of them, plus 2 of the special guests. At least I have read more than half of them. Sure, I could have done better, but… not bad!

I won’t do a Spring TBR, because in March I would try to read some more bing books, and in April I would start with the new challenge, and I am also thinking of something new for my reading in April, but you just have to wait and see. Also, in May there would be Wyrd and Wonder, and I would do a TBR for the event, so I think my plate is pretty full even without a new TBR. At least for now!

And what about you? Did you have a winter TBR? And are you planning to do a Spring one, too?? Let me know!!!

Happy reading!

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