Hello and happy Monday, everyone! Today I am here with exciting news! And I really think that this is the best way to start the week!! Last year I have read and loved The Coward by Stephen Aryan, and now I am so happy to share with you all the news: we would soon have the sequel!!
The Warrior, the second and last book in this duology, will come out this Summer! Isn’t it amazing? I can’t hardly wait!! (Even if, to be honest, with my TBR trying to swallow me whole, I think I should find something to read while waiting, but… this is not the point!).

The point is that The Coward is finally getting its sequel! And if you want to find more about this book, and this series, you can find my review here!
But in the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, we have the cover designed by Kieryn Tyler, and you can find more about her and her works @kieryntylerdesign on Instagam.

Drum Roll Please

we’re almost there!

The story of Kell Kressia continues in Book II of the gripping fantasy
duology, Quest for Heroes. Kell, two time saviour of the Five Kingdoms,
is now the King of Algany. He has fame, power, respect, and has never
been more miserable…

9th August 2022

About the Author:

Stephen Aryan is the author of the Age of Darkness and Age of Dread trilogies. His first novel, Battlemage, was a finalist for the David Gemmell Morningstar Award for best debut fantasy novel. It also won the inaugural Hellfest Inferno Award in France. He has previously written a comic book column and reviews for In addition, he has self-published and kickstarted his own comics.


Where you can buy it:

Signed copies of The Coward:

And that’s all for today! Now all I have to do is patiently wait for August. I can do it! And what about you? Have you read the first book? Or do you want to?? Let me know!

Happy reading!


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