Hello people and happy Sunday! I hope you all are safe and happy! I had an amazing week, especially if we speak about books. I have read some really amazing ones! And it was a nice week all around, even if I am a bit tired. But not in a bad, exhausted way, so all is good!

What am I reading?

Two really different books, especially if we talk about atmosphere and feelings. Anyway, I am really conflicted about Seven Blades In Black and I am seriously thinking about writing a post on the whys, but let’s say that I bought this book before all the not so good things about the author came out, and then I have put it on my shelves and let myself be distracted by all the new and shiny books. Then I discovered some things about the author that didn’t make me happy and so I kept reading other books. But then I thought that I owned the book anyway, I have already given my money to the author, and it is taking space on my shelves so I could as well read it. I thought “I just read it, and I don’t write a review, and then I won’t think about it anymore”. But damn, the book is… wow. So yeah. Mixed feelings to say the least. But at least I have no conflicting emotions toward the other reading! Good Neighbors is as delightful as I was expecting (Thanks Maddalena!). And I have to save the date, too, because usually I buy books and then I “forget” about them until months later. But not this time, no sir! I bought it and promptly started it, yay!

What have I read? 

This week was amazing in reading! I had one okay book, because Master Of One was a bit of disappointment, it was not bad but it was quite plain. It was okay, and I enjoyed it, all things considered, but I was hoping for more! But then I hit the jackpot! Nophek Gloss was an amazing book and I loved every moment I spent with it! Beach Read was surprising, in all the good ways. There is romance, but there are a lot more things in there too. And, last but not least, The Hawthorne Legacy was as much compelling as the first one. It may not be objectively as good as the other two, that’s true, but once you start it, you can’t put it down. At all!

What Would I read?

I think my next book would be the sixth book in the Zodiac Acedemy series, because I have a buddy read planned, and even if I have mixed feeling toward this book, I am pretty eager to see what would happen next!

Blogging and Personal Life 

On the blogging side I have a small surprise for Monday, because there will be a cover reveal for a book that I really want to read! And I hope to present you all with all the 30 books that made the cut for the next step of the SPSFC.

On a personal level, here there are some pics of Ade because he is cute. I am not really bragging here, is only that he is just so cute sometimes and I want to share the cuteness with all of you.

And then I kept at crochet, strangely enough, because it is really relaxing and I am quite enjoying it. I have started a big project, a blanket for my boyfriend but I am going so slow with that!!! Even more so because, from time to time, I take the time to try out other projects because only one is not enough, right? And I have made a scarf! It took some time and a lot of maths in there, too, but I made it! Yay! And so here it is!
(And yes, now I am bragging a bit, because I discovered that making something with my hands can be really satisfying!)

And that’s all for today! How was your week? And you reading?? Let me know!!

Happy reading!

13 thoughts on “WEEKLY WRAP-UP! #4

  1. maddalena@spaceandsorcery says:

    Now i’m curious to see for myself what’s the problem with that author, but I understand how some “bad news” might spoil your enjoyment of a book, or a series: we often say that stories are one thing and the real-life doings of their authors are another, but I’m aware how difficult it is to separate the two in our minds…
    That said, and to move to better ground, Ade is as adorable as always (thanks for sharing the pictures!) and your scarf is amazing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Louise H says:

    Oh my word I was sure I’d commented on this post but clearly I forgot to click save! Oh the perils of a menopausal brain. I utterly adore the scarf you made, it is just to cute for words – you are so clever! I’m adding Nophek Gloss to my TBR, it sounds very intriguing and I definitely need to read more science fiction.


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