Team Red Stars’ SPSFC Top 3

Hello everyone! Today I am really happy because we are nearing the end of phase one of SPSFC, the final day is tomorrow, and so it is time to share the top 3 from my team!! So I would just write this really really short post to share them with you all!

You can find the full post on RedStar Reviews, but I would share the cover because all these books deserve some love, and the point of the contest is to share them and give them visibility too, so here we are!

It was really hard to pick just three because we had some really interesting books in there (and my favorite didn’t make the cut, sigh! But it gets an honorable mention, so yay!) but we made it, and now I am looking forward to all the other books to come!
I have yet to write a review for Age of Order, but it would come soon. In the meantime I leave you with all the links to the reviews, both for the finalists and for the ones that didn’t make it.

Dog Country
Of Cinder And Bone
Zenith (my absolute favorite!!)
The Trellis (the one that really got close to be my favorite!)
Above The Sky

So, to know more there is RedStar post, in which you would find out a bit more about all these books! And now all I have to do is to wish you an happy week-end!

Happy reading!

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