Hello hello! I hope you all are safe and happy. Today I am here to try and take stock of this meme, that I really love. I have added a ton of books to my TBR thanks to the book community, and I loved it! (Even if my wallet and my TBR aren’t really so happy… but who cares?!?!) And sharing the blame around (or the gratitude, it all depends on how you watch the thing, really) was fun. So I would keep up with it this new year, too, but adding new books to the never-ending list of things to read is quite easy (and to be honest, I constantly add them, I am way beyond hope, sorry not sorry), the hard part is reading them… so how I fared in 2021?

Thanks to this meme I have added 56 new books. Wow. They are quite a lot!!! (And the bright side is that last year I have added 57, so this year I had one book less!) And I have managed to read 15 of them. In 2020 I have read 9, so that’s way better! But I hope to do even better this year! (The fact that I would keep adding new books and hence the list would grow enormously is just a minor detail, and has no weight in there!)

These 5 are the better from this list. A couple of them I mentioned in The Best of 2021 posts, Memento, and The Roommate, but the others that weren’t mentioned in my recap posts were pretty good all the same. Strange Practice is the first book in a series that promises to be really original and interesting. I was hoping to read at least the second book last year, but oh well… I hope to get to it in 2022. Instead, I managed to read the sequel of Radiance, too, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first one. Radiance is an interesting fantasy romance and I had a great time with it! Gridlinked was an interesting series starter and I am looking forward to the sequels, even if it is a tad more demanding than the other books mentioned here, but this is not a bad thing!

On the whole, I did not finish only one of the books I read from this list, and I enjoyed all the rest, even if, to be honest, I had some disappointments:

These three books weren’t bad, at all. They all are interesting and have a lot of good things going on for them but I was expecting something more. I was hoping to truly love them and not only enjoy them. I think that this was a case in which the expectations didn’t help me out. But I had a good time with them all the same!

And that’s all for today! Have you read any of these books?? Let me know!

Happy reading!


  1. Tammy says:

    I think you did very well. I also buy books based on blogger recommendations but I never post about them for some reason. And I hardly ever read them because of time, so I think you are doing great!

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