Best Tv Shows 2021 Edition!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are safe and happy and are having an amazing time! Here is again pretty cold (but it is also quite normal since we are in January!), but the weather is good, and sunny days really help the mood along! Anyway, today I am here to talk to you a bit about the best shows I watched last year. I am not only talking about shows that are from 2021, but about the shows I watched last year, with no mind for the year they aired.

The Absolute Favorites!

These two series were my favorite from last year. I loved them both. Sure, they are different like day and night, but I was completely engrossed in them, and I loved them to pieces. And I can’t recommend them enough! I have written a review for The Watch, while I didn’t do the same for It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, but there is a lot to appreciate in there. There are funny moments, there are what the heck moments, there are scary moments, but there are also a ton of moving moments. And one of the best things in here is the mental health rep and the way in which they portrayed a psychiatric ward. And we really need more positivity around!

All the other really good ones!

I had a great time with all the series I have mentioned here. Derry Girls was just a ton of fun, and yes, there is also history taking place in the background, and I really think this is a really well-done series. And I know that I have said it yet, but it is funny. A lot! I have also watched three seasons of The Bold Type and loved them! It may be that this was a case of the right thing at the right time, but I really had a blast with it! What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? was delightful and funny and romantic and really good. And I admire Secretary Kim, she is the best! And I have finally watched seasons 5th and 6th of Lucifer. I have to say that my favorite one is and always will be the first. And that all that comes later is not as good as it was that first season. But the 5th one was pretty good. I think that it is my second favorite of the show.

And then we have some atypical choices: Tear Along the Dotted Line is an Italian series, really short, but quite deep. And I loved it. I also devoured it, but it is mostly because it is really short. And I mean really, really short! But it is well worth your time. And then on another note completely we have TopGear (and Grand Tour) and History of Swear Words. Both of these are here because they are just highly entertaining and I had a great time with them!

And this is all for today! What about you? Which are the best shows you watched last year? And have you watched any of the ones I mentioned in here?? Let me know!!!

Happy watching!

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