Hello everyone! I hope that you all are safe and that you are doing great! We are now in the second half of January, and this thing is quite shocking if I have to be honest! But let’s get on with the post, because I fear it would be a long one!

Best Sequels

All of these are amazing sequels! Last year I have read a couple of sequels both in the Amra Thetys and Murderbot series, and I have loved all of the books, but I just highlighted the favorite in there. But both of these series, all five of them mentioned here truly, are amazing! All of these series are worth your love and your attention! I have reviewed only The Two-Faced Queen and Priest of Gallows and talked about the Murderbot books I have read during the year.

Best Indies

I have read some really amazing indie titles this year, and some of them I mentioned in other categories of this list, but these two were pretty amazing! So much so that I have continued Bierce’s series, I have read the third one last week, and I have all the intention to continue Livi Talbot‘s series too. They are just too good!!! (And you can find my review of Solomon’s Seal here)

Best New Author

This was quite a great year for my sci-fi reading! I discovered some pretty amazing books, and I have just to mention at least some of them: Ancillary Justice was mesmerizing and I hope to go back to that world soon. It can be a bit confusing at times, but in a good way, is that kind of confusing that pushes you out of your comfort zone, and I loved it! Then we have an amazing trilogy, of which I have read just the first two volumes, but that I loved. I really hope to write a review for the series once I would be done with the last sequels of Behind The Throne. And then we have one of the last books I have read in 2021, The Last Watch. It was captivating and surprising and I need more of these characters! Then we have How To Be A Normal Person. I have read 4 books by Klune this year, and I loved this one. The others were good but, at least for me, they require the right frame of mind. This one, instead, was simply amazing! And last but not least we have The Mask Of Mirrors.

Best Sci-Fi

Technically I have read some pretty amazing books, and all of them should be mentioned in there, but since I have mentioned them in the previous category I will go with just this one. I was lucky enough to take part in this blog tour and I loved this book. It is just so good! And you can find my review here.

And that’s all for today! What about you? Have you read some of these books? Or are you interested in them? And which were the best of your 2021?? Let me know!!

Happy reading!

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