Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all are happy and had a great week! For me, this was way less tiring than the previous one and I am immensely pleased by it! Let’s hope the next weeks will be at least this good! And I have read some pretty amazing books on top of that, so yay!

What am I reading?

I have finally started Litany of Dreams, but I am taking my time with this one, because so far I am enjoying it, but it is a horror and this is not really my genre of choice, and it has some pretty amazing Lovecraftian vibes, that I am loving. Because I really love Lovecraft stories. But I especially love them because they are short, and this is a full-length novel and I fear I can grow tired of them. So I am going slow. And I have started Never Fall For Yor Fiancée. It is delightfully funny and I am having a great time with it!

What have I read? 

Daughter of the Blood is a really peculiar book, and I loved it from the start to the beginning. But it hurts so much! This series is so full of feelings, both good and bad, but it is also so dark. And beautiful. I think I loved it, even more, this second time around! Then I have finally reached the end of our SPSFC batch, with Zenith, which was an amazing book, compelling and intriguing, and Refraction, that it was interesting even if I think it was the less favorite of the group. But this is not to say that it is bad, it is quite intriguing, with an interesting plot and such a bleak vision of the human race, not that I disagree, mind me!

I am also really happy to have read A Traitor in Skyhold, the third book in Mage Errant series. My favorite book remains the first one, but I really enjoyed this one. We get to see our characters back to school, and I really love magical school! Also, we have some great characters and mysteries and… a lot! And then I have read two Italian graphic novels. They were fun and a nice palate-cleanser between all these fantasy and sci-fi books!

What Would I read?

I have a TBR to follow, and I have a lot of books clamoring for my attention, but at the moment I am feeling like this one could be my next reading. I am not so sure, because it is a mood thing so it can easily change, but at the moment this is the most probable book!

Blogging and Personal Life 

Since I decided to take part in a reading challenge, The Sound Of Madness, hosted by Timy @Queen’s Book Asylum, I found another intriguing reading challenge and I just said “Why not?”, so now I am taking part in Picture Prompt Book Bingo hosted by Bookforager.

It may be that I can’t resist a bingo card, but this one was just so intriguing! And so here I am! Let’s hope I won’t fail miserably at both of them!

On another note, this week I hope to write at least a couple of posts to finish the recap for the year that has just finished. I have the second part of the list of best books to write, and I’d love to talk about the tv shows I have watched too!

On a personal level, it was a quiet week. It was way less tiring, and I managed to relax a bit. And read a lot. And I have also managed to finish watching The Witcher. I started the second season with my boyfriend when it came out in the middle of December, but then between the holidays and work, we never finished it. But now we have done it, yay! I enjoyed it, even if I think I enjoyed the first one more. But I am glad to have watched it, and I have to say that watching Geralt is a nice plus!

And that’s all for today! How was your week? And you reading?? Let me know!!

Happy reading!


15 thoughts on “WEEKLY WRAP-UP! #2

  1. bkfrgr says:

    Thank you so much for joining in with my book bingo! I look forward to seeing what you choose to read over the year! Now off to go take a look at Timy’s reading challenge… *intrigued* 😀

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