Hello people! We have survived the first week of the new year, yay! To me, it was a hellish week, not really bad since nothing bad happened (and I am really grateful for that, obviously!), but it was a really tiring week at work. I had long days, and they were not my favorite in the schedule so… I wasn’t happy and I was tired. A lot! But I managed to read quite a lot, and I was lucky with my books, so it was not all bad, lucky me!

What am I reading?

Since I mentioned Daughter of the Blood in my post about lists of books to read this year, I kept thinking about it and so here we are. It is a re-reading and I am taking my sweet time with it because it is a really beautiful book, but it is also quite painful to read. But I am glad to be back to it. And then I am reading Refraction, because I need to read all my SPSFC books in a short time, so here we are. It is interesting, and we have a lot of characters to follow. And the timeline change with each of them, so it is a bit strange, but not in a bad way!

What have I read?Β 

I am cheating a bit here because I am counting the books I have read since January started and not really since Monday, but since it is just a couple of days, it doesn’t really matter! I finished Zodiac Academy Cursed Fates, which I have started in December, and I will continue this series because I am buddy-reading it, but I have a ton of mixed feelings. On one hand, I think there are a lot of not-so-good things in there, but on the other, I am quite hooked and I want more of it. Then I have read two books from the SPSFC list, and I enjoyed both of them. Wherever Seeds May Fall remembered me of the movie Don’t Look Up, even if they are not the same thing. And Extinction Reversed has pretty unique premises. I hope to talk more about them soon. And last but not least, Sisters Of The Vast Black. I can’t believe I have finally managed to read it, but I did it!! And I enjoyed it quite a lot, I mean, nuns in space, living ships, it is all marvelous and intriguing. I was hoping to feel a bit more connected with the characters, and this kept something from my enjoyment of the book, but I had a really good time with it all the same!

What Would I read?

Zenith will be my next reading, because it is the last book from the SPSFC list I have to read, and then I really hope to get started with Litany of Dreams. I want to read at least some of the books on my Winter TBR and this one is calling to me!

Blogging and Personal LifeΒ 

So, first thing first, this year I discovered The Sound of Madness Reading Challenge hosted by Timy @Queen’s Book Asylum. I completely miss it last year, but it is just too good to pass, with so many interesting prompts. I could not resist. And you get to listen to some pretty music too, so it is a win-win!

I am really really excited about this challenge, and I am trying to see which books can fit which categories. It is slow going since I am just too busy with work, but it is fun!

Reading challenge aside, I hope to write some recap posts for 2021, to talk about the best books I have read last year, and about the tv shows I watched, etc… And I have some reviews to write too. I really hope to have more time for the blog in the coming weeks!

On a personal level, there is not much to say, but I’ll leave you a couple of Ade’s pics because they are just too cute!

11 thoughts on “WEEKLY WRAP-UP! #1

  1. Will says:

    I’d skip that black jewels trilogy if I were you. Ade doesn’t look at all interested in it. Hope you days stop being so tiring and start being more readinging… you know what I mean;)

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