Lists, lists and some more lists for 2022

Hello people! I hope you all are safe and happy and are reading some pretty good books! I can’t really complain about my reading, January is going well, at least in this department, and even if we aren’t done with the first week I am feeling quite happy. But with the blog I am being a bit… moody. I want to write reviews and the post about the best books I have read last year but I can’t be really bothered at the moment, so I’ll go with some list of books that I’d love to read this year for some different categories!

Re-reading before continuing

Last year I have made this list but I didn’t post it in there. And there were 8 series on that list. 8 series that I have started in the past, really enjoyed but then never continued, and now too much time has passed and I need to go back and re-read all the books before continuing, and hopefully finish, them all. And I have re-started 3 out of 8 titles. Not so bad, but not so good either. So I am trying again this year. And I have added a series to the list, so this year there will be 6 series on this list. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

I love almost all of these books and series when I started them (okay, I read Sabriel and sequel or sequels ages ago so aside from the fact that I enjoyed them, I didn’t remember a single thing. And the same can be said for Artemis Fowl. And for Jordan… I have read 7 or 8 books I think, and I have to say that I wasn’t his biggest fan, but I was enjoying them and so I may try and go back to that one too!) and I am really hoping that this would be the time I will finally finish them all! (Okay, I know it is pretty impossible, but a girl can dream, right??)

Series I want to Finish this Year

Obviously, I hope to finish (or reach the last published volume) of a lot of series, or at least, more than 4 but these four are series that are finished (or so I think, I am not 100% sure about McClung’s one, to be honest, but… oh well!). Anyway, aside from Bierce series, I have to read only one book for each series (yep, they are the ones portrayed in there). I have read only 2 out of 5 books in Bierce series, but I am feeling quite optimistic, and I think that these would be the series that I will try to prioritize. Sure, it is not easy because I have an attention span of a drunk mosquito, but I can at least try!

What about you? Have you read some of these books? Or do you love to make list that you will then ignore to follow your mood?? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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