Hello people and happy New Year! I hope that this 2022 started great and that would be full of amazing books and good things all around!! Today I am here with my new goals for this new shiny year and to look back and see how I did with my goals for 2021 (spoiler alert: not so great!). To be honest my goals would remain pretty much the same because they help me differentiate a bit and it is a nice thing to see if I can challenge myself a bit! So, let’s begin:

1) Read at least 36 non-fantasy books.

2) Read at least 36 physical books.

3) Read at least 12 non-fiction books. 

4) Read at least 15 sci-fi books, not during Sci-Fi Month in November (and maybe taking part in this event, too, since in 2021 I mossed it, sigh!)

5) Finish (or reach the last published volume) at least 10 series. 

6) Read at least 3 books per month that are part of a series but not the first one.

7) Reach the 70% feedback ratio on NetGalley.

8) Read at least 15 books from Blame it on the Community list.

And as a whole, I hope to read 150 books this year. 

But how did it go with my goals for 2021? 

To be honest, I didn’t do great, but all things considered, it wasn’t so bad, either. I read a lot of books, 185 with 14 DNF, and in the first half of the year, I was doing a pretty good job, and then… Slumps, things happened and the mood wasn’t really the best and… And I just forgot them completely. But the important thing is that I have read some pretty amazing books, and this is the main reason I have reading goals: to try and read as many amazing books as possible so… I am happy all the same.

Last year’s goals are almost the same as the ones for 2022. There was a goal about ARCs that I didn’t repeat this year, because I aced it (it was: read at least 24 ARCs and I have read many many more) and because it is almost a repetition of the NetGalley one. Obviously, I’ll keep reading ARCs and I’ll try and read a ton of them all the same. And I have changed the number of series to finish. Last year I went for 8 and this year I am going for 10. And this may not be such a smart choice, because I struggled a lot with this particular goal. I finished 4 series, I have reached the last volume in 7 of them and I have dropped one of them. So yeah, it is not bad, I have reached the goal but I was hoping to really finish more of them. I did not do as well as I was hoping with the series in general, and I think that in 2022 I will focus more on them because I am slowly drowning in all the series I have going! Hence the new addition in there: read at least 3 books from the series I have started. I really need to get a grip on them. The last change is the number of sci-fi. I am reading more and more of them, so I decided to up the game a bit here! 

On the whole, I didn’t reach the goals for the non-fantasy books, because I read 27 of them instead of 36, and the same goes for the physical books: I read 25 out of 36, and for the non-fiction ones: 10 out of 12. But I have tried, and I think this year I would do better!

And what about you? What are your reading goals for this new year? Let me know!

Happy reading!

15 thoughts on “MY READING GOALS FOR 2022 AND A LOOK BACK!

    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      Thank you!!
      And I think that if you get bored and want to drop a series it is okay! Sure, sometimes is a shame because maybe you enjoyed the first book but then other books catch your attention and time pass, a lot of time in some cases, and you find yourself not really interested anymore… And in this case is a tad annoying, yes.
      But it is even more annoying when you are still actively engaged in a series but you just keep procrastinating it!! 😭


    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      I am lucky to have a lot of time for reading while I am at work. Some days I work 8 or 9 hours non stop, and some days is more waiting than real work so I manage to make that waiting time productive!!
      And let’s hope there would be more good books than bad, too!! And thank you!

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