Hello people and happy New Year to you all! I was in another unplanned hiatus but luckily this one was short, and it was just because I was pretty busy and something had to give. I really hope that in the new year I will have less hiatus, planned or unplanned (but especially the unplanned ones!!). I also hope that you spent some amazing days in these holidays with your family and friends. That you enjoyed yourself, relaxed and eat a lot!!!

Books read: 11 + 2 short novellas + 1 DNF
Physical books Vs ebooks: 2 vs 12
ARCs: 2

All things considered, I have read more books than I thought, and I finally managed to read at least a couple of physical ones! Sure, I didn’t read a lot of them, but at least I have read some of them!!!

The Amazing Ones!

So, these two are the best books I have read this month, and I loved them! The Last Watch was a highly anticipated book, and even if I read a lot of reviews that made me so curious about it, it was all the same something different from what I was expecting. But in a good way, and I really enjoyed the ride! And then there is Starless, finally! I wanted to read this book since forever, but it seems like its moment was always not there. But I have managed it! And I loved it. It is a delicate and original book, with a lot going in there. And it was really really good!

The Really Good Ones!

Four Shifters and A Stranger is a short novella in the series, and it shows us how the guys came together. It is really short, but it was a nice peek in their background! Lady In Black is the 8th book in the series but I didn’t know it when I requested the ARC. But I am happy to say that it didn’t matter a lot. Sure, now I want to read all the books before this one, but this is not bad! It was a fun and fast urban fantasy, and I had a great time with it! Jewel of the Endless Erg is the second book in The Errant Mage series and it was a little bit “worse” than the first one, but it was a captivating reading nonetheless. I have enjoyed so much all these characters and we have dragons, too! The Deadbringer was interesting and I was pretty intrigued by the characters! And, last but not least, Tower Lord. I loved the first book, and this second book is just not on the same level. It may be because in the first book we have Al Sorna everywhere, while in this second book we change POV often because there are way more characters to follow, and they are just not Vaelin. Or it may be something else. But it is a solid book all the same, and I am finally ready to continue with the third and last book!!!

The Okay Ones!

These two weren’t bad, bu they weren’t really so good either. A Damsel And A Demigod was interesting because we get to know a bit more about Kai, but as far as stories went, this wasn’t so intriguing. And Fair Isle and Fortunes wasn’t bad but… I wasn’t really interested in all of this anymore. I think I have to seriously think about dropping this series.

SPSFC Books:

They all were pretty intriguing and interesting, and I enjoyed them. I really hope to write at least a short review for every each of them. Sure, I didn’t enjoy all of them in the same way, and there is one that I enjoyed less than the others, but… I hope to get back to them pretty soon!

DNFed One!

This was simply not the right book for me, sadly.

My Reviews:
Dog Country by M.F. Cross
A Master of Djinn by P. Djeli Clark

Finished: 0
Continued: 3

So, this is all for the last month of 2021 and I am pretty excited to see what the New Year will bring! Let’s hope it would be a ton of amazing books!

And what about you?  And have you read some of the books I have mentioned? And how were your past month?? Let me know!!!

Happy reading!

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