Let’s talk a bit about… SPSFC!

Hello wonderful people! I hope you all are safe and happy, and that you are reading some pretty amazing books! Today I am here to talk a bit about SPSFC because it is a pretty important (and amazing thing!), but sadly I couldn’t share the love before (due to my unplanned hiatus!). But now I am back, or so it seems, so I have at least to try! Also, it was starting to get a bit confusing with me babbling about it constantly, without explaining things so… let’s try!

SPSFC stands for Self-Published Sci-Fi Competition and it is a new annual contest for, as you can guess, self-published science fiction books. We get started with some 300 books and between them, the teams of judges have to choose one, who will be the conqueror of the Universe, also known as “the winner”!
There are some criteria for the submission of the works, obviously, and they may vary a bit next year, because this first year was quite interesting and we, as judges, learned a lot. And there is always time to improve so… it is a work in progress, and an amazing one, if I can say so!

Basically is a contest to share some love for self-published sci-fi authors, and get them a bit more visibility. It is a sort of SPFBO but for sci-fi instead of fantasy. You can read a bit more about it all on Hugh Howey, who teamed up with Duncan Swan to bring this new competition to light!

I really hope this year will go amazingly well, and that we can share with you all a ton of amazing books. And I am pretty excited to be a judge for team Red Star. There are other teams out there, and now that things are getting really hot (we all get our finalists from the pile of books we were assigned, and it is time to start reading for real and share with the others our thoughts) I am sure you will get to know us all better, and discover some pretty new books in the process!

So, that’s it! It wasn’t complicated, but I really took my sweet time before explaining all of this! Sorry about that!

And what about you? Are you interested in the completion? Let me know!!

Happy reading!

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