First SPSFC cuts for Team Red Star

Hello people! I hope you all are safe and happy and are reading amazing books! I wanted to talk to you all about SPSFC a bit more, and I was writing a post about that (probably you would see it around in a near future anyway!) but I am having the worst slump ever. And so… here we are. But it is time to announce the first cuts for my team, Red Star, so here we are.
I may not be completely out of the slump, but I think I will slowly come back, maybe with a post or two each week, but I am not making promises here!

Anyway, we were given 31 books to sample and we had to choose 10 of them, so today all my team members will talk a bit about the books that didn’t get in the top 10. Each one of us would talk a bit about some titles, so every book will have at least a bit of space. This does not mean that the books that didn’t get in the list of chosen won’t be read and reviewed at all, mind me, for some of them it is a possibility, but for a lot of them, it is not really so. For example, I will present you with 4 books today, but I will read and review all of them (in a near future, I hope). And I will read some of the other books that you can find in the other posts by my team member. It is just that we had to choose 10 of them, and sometimes the choice was not easy. It is hard work but someone has to do it!

These are my four books for today! (if you click on the titles below, you will get the Goodreads page for that book)

The Lore of Prometheus by Graham Austin-King has a really strong urban fantasy vibe to it, and to be completely honest, in the first 10% that we sampled was really hard to see it as sci-fi. Sure, the author entered a sci-fi competition, and on Goodreads is also labeled as sci-fi (even if it is a minor label), but in the beginning, you can really say. Anyway, I really liked the MC and the writing. It is smooth and compelling. I was intrigued (and I have to confess that this will be one of my next readings because I am pretty curious!) and I was a bit sad when this book didn’t make the last cut. But we have some pretty interesting books to present you in the 10 ten, so I am not really sad about it all. But I was rooting for this one!

Dragon’s Baby by Miranda Martin. It may sound a bit harsh, but this is not a masterpiece. But it is also true that we don’t always need a masterpiece to keep us company. Sometimes we need something less demanding, something fast that maybe won’t impress us so much, but that would entertain us and make us take a break for a while. And this seems just like it. More or less this was the impression by all of us. We all were okay with this, but there were some books that were just better. But I will definitely read and review it, so wait for it!

Edge of the Breach by Halo Scot was a more controversial book. It is pretty grim and dark. And disturbing. And it has some controversial rep. You have to keep in mind all that before even starting it. And some of this was underlined by my teammates. And I think that the adjectives I used so far perfectly describe this book. But it is also true that I have a weak spot for psychopath MC and so… yeah, you guessed it. This would be another book that you’ll meet again on my blog.

The Revolution Will Be Tokenized by Christoph Brueck. With this one, we all had some problems. Mainly the writing style, and the way in which the author chooses to tell us the story. For me, it was mainly that there were a couple (in the 10% I sampled) of sexual comments that I didn’t particularly enjoy. And that, even if the idea of it all was intriguing, the first chapters weren’t so… cohesive. It was a bit confused.

So, that’s all for today! I hope to be back soon because there are a ton of books I want to share with you all, and finally, we are getting into the best part of the SPSFC (I mean, the part with the reviews!!!) so… stay tuned!
And you can find the rest of the list, with all the other books here:

  1. William C. Tracy
  2. Red Star Reviews
  3. Musing of Souls
  4. J.W. Wartick

Happy reading!

6 thoughts on “First SPSFC cuts for Team Red Star

  1. Tammy says:

    Thanks for sharing this post, Susy, I haven’t really heard much at all about this competition, but I guess I haven’t been reading those blogs. All of these look very promising, but I am surprised to see The Lore of Prometheus, since I thought it was fantasy. Good luck with your slump😁

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