Hello people! I hope you all are safe, and I hope you are having a great time! Here the weather turned bad, and we get storms almost every day. I am quite happy for the rain, but not for the damages. It seems that every time it rains something get damaged. And this is just not good. This is quite an atypical Summer! Anyway, I am not here to talk about the weather! I had some time to watch tv shows, and I am quite happy about it, so let’s start!

What I am watching?

I had to put on hold the drama I was watching for the moment, but I have finally started The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I only watched one episode, because it is on Amazon Prime Video, and I am having some problems with that service at the moment, but I really enjoyed it and I am eager to continue it! But while I am waiting for the problems to be resolved I have started The Bold Type, and now I am in love with it! I have just started this series, and I have watched 3 episodes, but I can’t wait to go back. It is funny, it is moving and it is empowering. I was in need of something like this, and I think that there is the need for more series like this one. It is just so positive, so real and, again, so needed.
And then I have started Carnival Row with my boyfriend, we only watched only one episode so far, and we are not really convinced by it. I don’t know if we would try a second episode and decide, or if we will just drop it. Aesthetically is amazing, it is really beautiful to watch but… it is not working for us. Personally I love when the fantasy world reflect our own (and okay, it is a given, because usually the fantasy world of your choice reflect the issues we have on our own) but I like it when it is at least some sort of subtle. I mean, it is always hard to miss but it is not a slap in your face. Here it is. And the plot is… meh? The characters are not interesting, at least so far. And then there is the sex. I am a prude, and I don’t really enjoy sex on screen, but if it is useful for the plot or for something I would not complain, or I won’t hold it against the show. But here it is not plot related and we get too much of it for my tastes. There is way way less sex in the Bold Type 3 episode I have watched so far, and that is a series about sexuality too, then in this single episode of Carnival Row. Why????

What I have watched?

I have watched the first season of Dark and even if I enjoyed it I don’t think I would continue it. I really enjoyed the first half of this first season, but then my interest slowly disappeared, and in the end I wasn’t really interested in it anymore. But it is also true that this is not really my kind of thing, I am not a fan of time travel, and what is strange is that I really liked the first half of it. But I think it is a well done series, and if this is your cup of tea, then I really recommend it. Then I have finally finished the first season of Shadow and Bone and, again, I won’t continue it. Visually is amazing, and it is really beautiful to watch but I didn’t really care for it. So yeah, I enjoyed this first season, sort of, but I won’t continue it. And, last but not least, we have Derry Girls. I devoured both season, and now I am here desperately waiting for the third one, because OMG this show! It is just so fun! And yes, it is also pretty short, and this helps. But I loved it and I had an amazing time with it. Sure, it is a bit snarky and irreverent, so be warned, but it is just worth it! And I laughed so much!!!!

What I would watch?

I hope to go back to Korean drama pretty soon, but for now I have my hands full so… I don’t know what I would watch next. But I hope to go back to the series I am following now because I am loving them.

What about you? What are you watching? And what have you watched? And have you watched some of these series?? Let me know!


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