Indie Series I Need To Continue ASAP!

Hello world! I hope you all are happy, and that you are enjoying your books! Today I am here with my last post for the Self-Published Authors Appreciation Week hosted by Witty and Sarcastic Bookclub, and I decided to shout out to some of the series that I am loving and that are indie. And I have to say that there are quite a lot of them, so I tried to just pick out some, the ones that I need to continue right now. So, let’s begin!

So, the first books maybe are not surprising. I have started both Ball and Cameron’s series this month. And I need the sequels. The first books were just so good that I need more. And more!! And then there is the Zodiac Academy. I have devoured the first one, and even if it is not exactly the perfect fit for me, because there is too much bullying in there, I was intrigued all the same. And I devoured the first one. So, obviously, I need to see what would happen next!

The Vampire Knitting Club is a cozy mystery series perfect for the Fall and the Winter, so I am waiting for the right weather, but you can be assured that as soon as it will come, I would be back to this really nice series. The Guild Codex: Spellbound is another lighthearted and fun series, and so far I devoured the first four books. I really like the characters and I am having a great time with this series. And then there is The Hardwood Spellbook series. To be honest I have also other series by this author on my radar, but so far I have started this one, and I am really looking forward to continue it!

And then we change slightly the genre, with The Arcane Ascension series, that I really need to continue, since I have read only the first book, but now we have also the third one out so… yeah, I need to go back to it! And then we have one of my favorites thieves ever: Amra Thetys series. The third one was a blast, and I need more of these characters in my life! And then we have The T.H.I.R.D.S. series. Lately I haven’t considered this one really much, because the first books were amazing but then… I don’t know, it all seems all the same after a while, so I decided to take a small break from it and see if going back after a while would help me out, and so here we are, with the 8th book waiting for me!

And what about you? Which are the indie series that you really really want to continue? And what about the ones I have mentioned here?? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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