Hello and happy Sunday everyone! I know, two recaps in a week, what has possessed me?? But it was a really rich week for reading, so here we are again! Next week would be quite full because my boyfriend’s mother would come to visit us, and his sister too, so… I should be present here on the blog-community, or at least I hope so, and there is work too, and next week is not looking good (my schedule sucks, there is no sweet-talking aroud that!) so I don’t think I would read as much, sigh!

What am I reading?

So, I have just started The Inheritance Games and I cannot really say anything about this one, because I have read something like 10/15 pages so… yeah, definitely too early! And then there is City of Brass. I am near the halfway point and, to be honest, my interest is not as alive as it was before. I love the world-building, is so fascinating and so vibrant! But the story itself is not as intriguing as I was hoping. I cannot say that it is boring but I think we may get there. I hope that the chapters that are to be read the next week would reawaken my interest!

What have I read? 

We have The Unexplainable Fairy Godmother that it is quite the interesting book. There are some pretty cool ideas in there, and we have a speaking squirrel who is just amazing! Sure, it is not the best book ever, and at the beginning I wasn’t really hooked, but then I became all of sudden really intrigued. It is the perfect pop-corn reading, when you just have to take a break and go for something fast and lighthearted. So I won’t rush to the sequels, but I would read them, sooner or later! The Outlands is a dystopian YA, and the world-building is something for sure. I know that I am not the biggest fan of dystopian, but I think that this one was really well done. I liked it quite a lot (liked in a sort of scientific sense, I mean, I do not want to go and live there!), and the MC has a fantastic sense of humor! And then, finally, we have A Magical Inheritance! I wanted to read this book for so long! And I cannot believe that I have done it! I am pretty excited, really! Also, it was amazingly good! It may not be perfect, and there were a couple of things that weren’t so great for me, but I loved it from the start to the end. I couldn’t put down, and I had to restrain myself because I could not read it in the day before going to work, the risk to be late was too high!

What Would I read?

I really hope to read both of these books next week. I have heard a lot of interesting things about Zodiac Academy, so I am pretty curious and I hope it would be a captivating book. And then we have The Maleficent Seven. I was so lucky to be approved for an ARC of this book, and I am dying out of sheer curiosity!

Blogging and Personal Life 

So, there was not a lot going on since last time I wrote. I am back at work, and okay okay, it is not so bad, at least for now. It all depends on the schedule in this period, and I cannot really complain for this week. It was pretty good. And it wasn’t stressful, so yay! Also, the weather is pretty good, sure, if you are on vacation it may not be the best, but we had some bad weather, and the temperatures dropped so now it is not so hot that you sweat just breathing. So yay again!

On the blogging side, next week would be an interesting week. I am taking part in a small event, and I cannot say more about it, sorry about that. But I can say that you can look forward to some reviews! I am planning to post only reviews next week, if things go as planned. Between my bf parents visiting and work I can’t make promises, but I would try, this is for sure!

And what about you? How was your week? And what have you read?? Let me know! 

Happy reading!

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