Hello people! Since we are already halfway trough 2021 (and yes, I can’t wrap my mind around this simple fact!!) it is time for another check-in with my reading goals. And it is time to see how I am doing with the bane (and the bliss) of my existence as a bookworm: the series! Thanks to Realms of My Mind I have started, a couple of years ago, this amazing project that it is helping me keeping the series under control (or at least, I like to think so… the alternative is let the despair take me!).

I have a page on the blog dedicated to this project, and it is divided in two parts: the first one is a list of series that I am actively trying to continue (because I own them, if they are physical books, or because I have them on my e-readers. I have some sequels on my digital library that aren’t yet on the device, and those ones are on the second part of the list), and the second part is a list of series I want to continue, and that are next on the line, but I may not own yet the books I need to read, or I may own them, but haven’t yet put them on my e-reader (because it is pretty full at all the given times, and I try to not add too many. We can discuss where the line of “too many” is drawn, because I think I am way beyond that, but there is a discussion for another time!).
So, in this post I would check how many series I can delete from the first list (because I have finished them, yay! or because I have reached the last volume owned, in this last case I won’t delete the series, just change the list it is in)and maybe move some series from the second list to the first one. I know, this was quite a long explanation, but I am, finally, ready to start!

Series Finished:

I may be cheating a bit, but Snuff is the last book in The City Watch sub-series, so I would count it as a series finished. And I am pretty happy because I have read two books and a short (really, really short) novella from this series. And I have also started and finished The Shattered Sea trilogy. And this made me so happy! I cannot believe that I have started and finished a series in the same year, it was a thing that didn’t happen to me in ages. Really! And then I finished Kathleen Mallory series, and The Greatcoats. This was a bittersweet farewell, but it is a really bittersweet series too, so that’s okay. And I loved it. Wholeheartedly!

Last Published Volumes:

I was really lucky because I got to read both Priest of Gallows, the third books in War For the Rose Throne series, that is an amazing series and that let me wonder for the next one, because I need to know how Mr. Piety would manage in there, I need it! And The Witness for the Dead. I don’t know if this one really count, because it is not really a sequel to The Goblin Emperor and more a companion. And I don’t know if the author would write other books in this series or world, but for now here it is. And it was a real pleasure to read! Then we have Troubled Blood, the last Cormoran Strike book, Queen’s Gambit, the last in Dorina Basarab series (and I have read not only the last published volume, but also two novellas!), and Rafael, the last volume in Anita Blake series. This series was one of my guilty pleasure, but I think I am outgrowing it, sadly.

Dropped series:

Both of these books are the second books in a trilogy, but I have no interest in keep going, even if I have to read only one book to finish it. It seems a bit of a shame, on one hand, because I just need one book to finish it, but on the other hand, I don’t really want to keep going, so here we are!

The Others Series I have Continued:

I am pretty satisfied because even if I haven’t read a lot of series (for my standard, because I have read 17 of them, if we count the finished/dropped/last volume published and continued ones, so it is not a bad number, but not as good as it could have been) but I have read more than one book for a lot of them, and this is an amazing result for me! I have read the second and the third volume of Amra Thetys series, and even if the second wasn’t the best book ever, the third one made up for it! And now I need the fourth one and I need it ASAP! Then I have continued Murderbot series, it has become a sort of comfort reading, and I have read the volumes 4, 4.5 and 6. Now I need to read the full length novel, book 5, and I am sooooo looking forward to it! I have also continued the InCryptid series with books 3 and 4, and I am not particularly in love with this series, to be honest, but it easy good to just take a breath because it is quite fast-paced and mildly fun. Spellswept is the 0.5 volume in The Harwood Spellbook series and I am looking forward to the other books.

Stockings and Spells is the fourth volume in the Vampire Knitting Club series, and I am quite happy with this series. It is lighthearted, and it is fun, and it is a sometimes really need fresh breath in between more demanding reading. I am looking forward to continuing it, but I am waiting for a cooler weather, because it is the top to read it and feel the wintery atmosphere! Ride the Storm is the eight volume in Cassandra Palmer series, and I have read also one other book and 3 novellas, so I am pretty happy, even if I am falling out of love with this series. And, last but not least, Dark Arts And A Daiquiri, the second book in The Guild Codex series. It is fast-paced and intriguing, and I cannot wait to be back with it!

So, I keep telling myself that this year I am not really doing so good with the series, but it does seems like a lie, sort of. Sure, I could have done better, as always, but this is not bad, right? And I have the other half of the year to read some more. Surprisingly, I am quite satisfied with myself! Sure, I have started a lot of new series, obviously, and there are a ton more that I love to continue, but I would talk about them in another post, because this one is pretty long as it is!

And that’s it for today! What about you? How are your doing with your series? And what do you think about the books I mentioned? Let me know!!!

Happy reading!


    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      Thank you!! ☺️ I should try to do as more sensible readers do, and do not start new series before finishing some older ones. But, to be honest, this is just not for me! I’ll continue to start new ones and “complain” that I am going nowhere! 😉


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