Hello world! I hope you all are happy and I hope your day is going good! This week is going quite well so far, I am doing great with my books and I have also managed to watch a couple of episodes here and there. This last month, due to my mood, the stress and the tiredness I have started a ton of tv shows. Word key here: started. All the things I am watching at the moment are things that I am enjoying, so the problem is not that I don’t really like them. It was just a bad combo of all the three reasons I wrote above. But… but I am slowly trying to rein them in, and continue them, even if slowly, and I finished the one that I seriously think it will be my favorite tv show of the year! So let’s begin!

What I am watching?

To be honest I always snobbed Dark because it didn’t sound like something that I could like, but then a coworker of mine was talking about it, a lot, and I became curious. So far I have watched 5 episodes, so I am halfway thorough the first season and I have to admit that I am enjoying it. It is intriguing and even if I don’t really care for the characters, I am not bored and I am enjoying it. Then we have Shadow and Bone. I have watched 3 episodes and even if I am not loving it, I think it is not so bad. Visually it is really well done, it is a pleasure to watch, even if I am not really too happy about the adaptation per se. They are keeping all the more YA part of the trilogy and the have not used all the dry humor and the dark banter of the duology. So, they have kept all the things I didn’t like in the first trilogy, and they have kept out what I have loved of the duology. But all things considered it is not so bad. Sure, I am in no rush to continue it, I am not feeling compelled to keep watching because I need to know what would happen, but I would keep watching it, even if I would do it slowly. And then there are two k-drama, but to be honest, they are on hold. I was watching both of them, Romance is a Bonus Book and I Hear Your Voice before the moving, but then I have stopped and so far I didn’t go back to them. But I was enjoying them, both of them, so I hope to go back quite soon!

What I have watched?

This. The Watch was amazing. Surprising. Fantastic. And I loved it so much. I was curious because, obviously, how could I not be?? I mean, I am a Pratchett fan, and The City Watch is my favorite subseries so it was just a matter of time. And I know that the Pratchett’s fan community was quite divided about this one (and to be honest I have heard more negative things that positive, so I was scared too) but I was decided to see for myself. And lucky me. I devoured it. And loved it so much. It is just perfect. And I hope to write more about this series soon, because I need to share it with you all. But in the mean time let me repeat myself: I laughed a lot, I was intrigued, it made me think and it moved me (the moving part wasn’t as strong as it usually is in the books, but it was there nonetheless), and I loved every moment of it!

What I would watch?

Well, since I have so many on going series I am not making plans. But I really hope to keep up the habit of watching something here and there, because I have a lot of them to watch!

What about you? What are you watching? And what have you watched? And have you watched some of these series?? Let me know!


14 thoughts on “W.W.W… TV SHOWS!

  1. Tammy says:

    I want to try Dark, it sounds like it might be perfect for me. What am I watching? I found all seven seasons of Buffy on Hulu so now I’ve started watching the whole thing over again🤣

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  2. Ola G says:

    I really need to check out Dark! And I totally didn’t know Watch was a Discworld series! I’m keeping well away from Shadow and Bone, hated the book and what you write just assures me this was the right decision! 🤣🤣🤣

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    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      Dark, as far as I have watched of it, is well developed and intriguing. I think it may be worth it. And The Watch is inspired from the characters of Discworld, and for a lot of things it is just that, inspired, because it is another thing from the books (for example Ankh Morpork is a steam punk / distopic city and the plot is not from the books at all) but there are all the same a lot of things from the books, if this made sense!
      And for Shadow and Bone, yes, I think you decided well!!! 😂

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  3. maddalena@spaceandsorcery says:

    Good to know about Dark! I’ve always been mildly curious about it but – like you – I thought it might not be my proverbial cup of tea, so now, encouraged by your enthusiasm, I might give it a try… As for Shadow and Bone yes, it does lean somewhat on the YA aspects of the story (although I’ve not read the original trilogy), but since I enjoyed the sections focused on the Crows, I’m now in the middle of Six of Crows and totally loving it, so I can say that some tangible good came out of it 😉

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    • Susy's Cozy World says:

      I am quite surprised to be enjoying Dark (both because we have some sort of time travel and I am not a fan, and because I don’t really care for teens dramatic, and we have a lot of teens around) but so far it seems a really well done series!
      And I am so glad you are enjoying Six of Crows!!

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  4. Jeanne says:

    I don’t care for the crow story intertwined with the story from Shadow and Bone, but the actors and actresses are pretty and it’s not badly written.
    The show I’ve enjoyed lately is Lucifer; we just watched the end of season 5.
    We’re also watching Leverage ahead of the reboot of that series.

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