Hello and happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all are safe and happy, and obviously I hope that your reading are going good! I am quite happy today because things are going back to normal, I am slowly coming back to the blog community (and I just want to say that I am not turned stalker, if you see a rain of comments and like by my old self to all your posts. I am just trying to read all the things that I have missed. Obviously it is an impossible task, but I am trying my best!), and I am also coming back to reading. I courted a slump, but it was expected with all the stress and things going on, but now I am reading again and I am following my mood. So yay!

What am I reading?

I have just started both of them, so I don’t really have much to say about them, but they were books that I was very curious to start so let’s hope I would love them! Wicked Saints has some Bardugo’s vibes so far, but as I was saying I am just at the beginning. Also, since this week really seems like Summer here, with hot weather (really, a bit too much hot for my liking!) a book with frigid weather and snow everywhere seems like the right choice! The Helm of Midnight was a book that really made me curious, and maybe I should have chosen something a bit more lighter to go with Duncan’s book but, oh well!

What have I read? 

These are two different books, but the happy thing about them both is that they were pretty good! I would write a review for The Coward soon, but I can say to you that it was an engaging reading. To be completely honest I didn’t connect to the characters as much as I was expecting, but strangely enough I enjoyed it a lot anyway. And Boyfriend Material was a really needed break. The Coward was engaging, but also demanding (but it is okay, it is an epic fantasy!), and I was in need of something a bit more relaxed. And Hall’s book was the perfect choice. Luc may not be my usual choice for MC, but I had fun with him and his friends, and this is the important thing!

What Would I read?

Since I have just started both my currently reading I don’t really know where my mood would take me after them, but I know it would be something less demanding, something fast, so this seems like a real possibility.

Blogging and Personal Life 

Wednesday in Italy was an holiday, and I finally managed to have my parents and brother at my home. My parents helped me with the moving, but they didn’t get to see the house with the furniture in it, and I was happy to see them again. We spent a very relaxing day together, and I really needed it. And while you are reading this I would have another guest. A friend of my bf is spending the weekend with us. It is just so good to be able to see some people again. Sure, we are not going in crowded places, but it is just good to slowly go back to normal. And maybe we would manage to play some board games. I missed them so much!!!!
And if things go as planned next week I would have more time to read. I am soooooo looking forward to it!

On the blogging side, I have a review ready to go online tomorrow. And it is for a book I loved, so I hope to have made it justice. And I should write the review for The Coward, but it would go online in the near future, because I am taking part in a sort of blog tour for it, so I have some time to write that review. But I would be really happy if I manage to do it sooner rather than later.
Going back to write reviews is a bit challenging, especially because aside from the books that I have read because I am taking part in some events about them, I haven’t read much (as you can see from this post), but I have started some new tv shows. Obviously, me being me, I have not finished any of them, at least at the moment (but there is hope, maybe!), so I would talk about them too next week. Or at least, this is the plan!

And what about you? How was your week? And what have you read?? Let me know! 

Happy reading!

8 thoughts on “WEEKLY WRAP-UP! #13

  1. Tammy says:

    I’m glad things are starting to get back to normal too. We’re going to visit my parents (finally!) in a couple of weeks, no masks! And I can’t wait. I’m very curious to see what book you’re reviewing tomorrow! Hope you have a good week, Susy😁

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