2021 Bingo – TBR! (Because I just love TBRs!)

Hello everyone! I hope you all are safe and happy, and that this week is going well. I am having an amazing reading week, so I am looking forward to Sunday, because I have some really good books to share with you all, but in the meantime I am here with another TBR, because it seems like I can’t have enough of them.
So, this year I am doing again the Bingo on r/fantasy, because last year I had a good time with it, and I discovered some amazing authors and I have also read some books that were waiting on my shelves since an eternity. And so here I am again, but this year I decided to pick up all the books for the bingo in advance (hence doing a TBR) and see how it goes.
I tried to be a good and sensible bookworm, and to choose some series that I have started, some ARCs that I need to read, and some books that have waited for their turn for a long long time. I have no guarantee that I would follow the TBR to the end, but at least I am trying!

I love the graphic of this card, it is just so cute! And the prompt are quite interesting, too. I am really excited, so excited that I have already read a couple of these books.

Five Short Stories. I decided to try with In The Field Marshal’s Shadow by B. McClellan. These are five short stories from Powder Mage‘s series. I have read the first book and some short stories, and so far I am a fan. So I hope to read these stories too, and then read the second volume. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!
Set in Asia. I have a lot of books that could fit in there, but in the end I decided for The Poppy War. It is a series that I really want to start, and I really hope that the Bingo would help me out, here!
A selection from the A-G genre guide. In this list there are so many interesting titles, and choosing just one was really hard, but in the end I went for The Grace of Kings, that I am currently reading. I really hope to enjoy this one!!!
The Found Family trope. This is one of my favorite trope. Really. And I discovered this series on r/fantasy that seems quite right for this square, so I am excited to try out Into the Labyrinth. It is true that I don’t really need new series, but discovering new books is just so exciting!!!
1st Person POV. I decided to try out Sixteen Ways to Defend A Walled City. I wanted to read this book for so much! So I jumped on the opportunity to use it for this. I really hope to read, and love, it!!!

Bookclub or Readalong Book. There were so many books in there, too. But in the end I decided to try A Conspiracy Of Truths because, again, this book was in my TBR since forever, or so it seems, and I cannot believe that maybe its moment has come!
New To You Author. Again, so many books for this square! In the end I decided to be a good bookworm and go for one of the books that I am trying to read this year, so my choice fell on The City of Brass. I have so many expectations for this book!!!
Gothic Fantasy. For this square I would try The Death of the Necromancer since I really wanted to read something else from Martha Wells. I am loving her Murderbot series, and I want to try the rest too!
Backlist Book. Here they wanted you to read a book by an author who is still publishing, but from the series that are concluded. And I would try The Spirit Rebellion. I have re-read the first book recently, and I am eager to continue this series, so this seem like a win win situation!
Revenge. There are a ton of good books that could fit here, and I hope to read Seven Blades in Black. I have this book on my shelves, and he is there, waiting patiently. So maybe it is time to reward its patience!

Mystery Plot. Again, I had so many titles for this one! But I have also quite a lot of ARCs to read, so here I decided to try The Helm of Midnight. I really hope to love this one, because the premises are pretty amazing!
Comfort Reading. I decided to go with Klune here and try something new, especially because after reading How To Be A Normal Person he could be my new comfort reading. And so I decided for Wolfsong. And I have already read this one. And it may not be the usual comfort reading, because it is not, and I was expecting something less dark, really. But I felt at home in these pages, and all the feelings were just what I needed at the time. So even if this wasn’t the perfect book for it, it wasn’t a wrong one either.
Published in 2021. I decided to use another ARC here, because I really need to read them (and because I am dying to read them all! The problem is not that I don’t want to read them, the problem is always the same: so many books and so little time!) and so I really hope to read The Blacktongue Thief for this square!
Cat Squasher. For this square you don’t have to really squash a cat, but you need a chunky book. And so I would try On The Shoulders Of Titans because I am dying to continue this series. And since I have started it for the bingo last year, it seems right to continue it with the bingo this year, too!
SFF Related Non Fiction. For a while I was scared that I would have to read a sort of Encyclopedia on Tolkien that I gifted to my brother some years ago. I love LOTR, and I think that what Tolkien did was monumental in a lot of ways, but I am not really really a fan. I mean, I am really happy to have read LOTR and I loved it. But that’s it. But I didn’t own other books that could fit this square and so I was quite resigned. Until someone recommended Rocket Fuel: Some of the Best From Tor.com Non-Fiction. And do you know that it is free on Amazon? So I decided to try my hands with that, and I have just started it, because yes, I was curious. And I am in love!

Latinx or Latin American Author. I had for the longest time Beneath the Citadel on my digital shelves. And now it is finally the time for it!!!
Self-Pub. Again, here I tried to be a good bookworm and continue some series instead of constantly starting new ones, so I decided to try The Thief Who Spat In Luck’s Good Eye. I am really excited to go back to this series, and I hope to do it soon!
Forest Setting. I am really excited to read Guns of the Dawn, and I would leave it at that!
Genre Mashup. For this square I decided the author, Geil Carriger, but I have not yet decided the book. I have a series to continue and one to start. And I think I would go with the mood here, but since they are from the same author and both fit the square I am not really cheating!
Chapter Titles. I really hope to start City of Stairs this year. I had this series waiting for me for a long time. And its time is coming!!!!!

_ of _ Titles. There are so many titles that fit in there! Really, so so many! And I decided to go with a title that really makes me curious. An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors. Let’s hope it would be good!
First Contact. This was really hard! I decided to try A Desolation Called Peace. There is just one minor problem here. This is the second book in the series, and I haven’t read the first one. But the other book that could fit here is by Tschaikovsky and you can’t use the same author on the card. And I really want to read Guns of the Dawn so… I would try this series, hoping to love it!
Trans or Nonbinary Character. I would try The Raven Tower. I have read some interesting reviews for this book, and I am pretty curious!
Debut Author. I decide to use The Mask of Mirrors for this one, because even if the two authors are not debut authors, this is their debut together, as M.A. Carrick. So here we are!
Witches. For this one I decided to go back to one of the thousands of series I have started and never finished, and try Black Magic Sanction. Let’s hope this book would help me getting back to this series!

Ok, this was another really long and ambitious TBR, but I have a year to complete it!

And what about you? Are you taking part in Bingo? And what do you think of these books?? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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