Hello people! I hope you all are safe and happy, and that you are reading some amazing books! Since we have past the first quarter of the year I decided to take stock of my reading, and see how I am doing with my goals.
I can say that on one hand I am pretty satisfied, because I am on track with most of them, and with some I am almost done, so not bad at all! But there is one in particular that is bugging me. I was hoping to do better with that one, especially that one, because was one of the most important for me and… nope! But let’s see more in detail:

  1. Read at least 3 non fantasy books each months (or 36 for the end of the year)
    This one is going pretty well, so far I have read a total of 13 books (and here I am counting fiction books that are not fantasy or sci-fi), so I am on track!
  2. Read at least 10 sci-fi books during the year (without counting the one for Sci-Fi Month).
    I am so happy about this one, because I have read 10 books out of 10! Obviously I would keep up with it nonetheless. But the goal was for helping me read more sci-fi books and I can say that this one was successful! I have some other sci-fi books that I want to read before the end of the year so yay!
  3. Read at least 12 non fiction books.
    Whit this one I am on track too. I have read 3 books, so one per month. All is going smooth here, too!
  4. Bringing up my feedback ratio on NetGalley.
    This is not going so well. The problem is that every single time that I go on NetGalley to leave a review (and I am doing pretty good with the ARCs this year) I request something else. I have no self-control. At all.
  5. Read at least 2 ARCs each month.
    So far I have read 15 ARCs. So I am more than on track here. And I am quite satisfied with how I am doing here. The problem is that I should find some self-control, some form of will power and stop requesting them!!!
  6. Read at least 10 books from the Blame to the Community Posts.
    I have read 5 books out of 10, so again… yay!!!!
  7. Finish (or reach the last published volume) 8 series.
    Okay, this is the one that is really bugging me. Argh! I think that this was the most important to me, because series are the bane (and the bliss) of my life as a bookworm, but here I am. I have finished 1 series, and I have reached the last volume published in two series. So, it is not bad bad, because I am doing something, but I am starting a lot of new series this year, and not continuing enough of the one I have started. I think that my next TBR would be more centered on series that need to be continued!

At the start of this year I have posted a list of books that I really wanted to read in this 2021, and so far I have managed to read 4 books out of 10. To be honest I have DNFed two of them, but the other two were books that I have really enjoyed!

These two were really good books and I am so happy to have read them. Now I just have to continue Mihalik’s series, but this is another story.

Once I would be done with my Spring TBR I would try and do better with the series, I think it could be my Summer project, but we will see!

What about you? How are you doing with your goals?? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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