Hello people! I hope you all are well, March was a really long month to me, but today is the last day of it, yay! Anyway… I am back again with this post to talk about the tv shows, dramas and whatnot I am watching (or more accurately, trying to watch) in the hope that sharing with you my progress would help me watch more things. So far is not going so well, but since I am doing better than last year, I would take it!

What I have watched?

It seems a lot, right?? But nope! I have, finally, finished What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? and I really enjoyed this one. Secretay Kim is amazing. She is the perfect assistant, she really inspired me and her answers to her principal were to die for! They were just so fun together! And the drama is a cute rom-com. I had a great time with it. But since I have started it last year and I watched, given or taken, half of it, this time around I just had to complete it. And the other two series here are series that I have dropped. Grace and Frankie has some good things in it, but I think that it really wasn’t for me. And Noragami started good but then I have lost my interest halfway thorough it. Sadly.

What I am watching?

I am watching Top Gear with my boyfriend, more or less. He is the one who does the real watching but since he watch it when I am around, I am following along. And even if I don’t love cars, I could not care less, to be honest, about cars, this shows is quite funny. And then I just had to go and start two k-drama. I think this won’t go too well. But it was out of necessity, or at least out of logistic. I have started Love Alarm, and I have watched half of it so far, on Netflix. But I can watch Netflix in my living room, and not in the bedroom. But sometimes my boyfriend does some smart work and so the logistic is a bit complicated. Hence, I have started I Hear Your Voice. This is more a mystery thing than a romantic comedy, or at least, it is a bit more centered on lawyers, and so far it seems not bad. And the fact that I really like the two male MCs helps!

What I would watch?

I am not so sure about my next in line, because I have a long way to go with the drama I have going, but I hope to try The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel after those ones, because I am feeling like trying something new and this series seems intriguing enough. And it helps that I have watched some short clips of it online, and they were just funny as hell!

What about you? What are you watching? And what have you watched? And have you watched some of these series?? Let me know!


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